Prohibition begins to count in Manaus from 18h Saturday (1º)

The failure determination is characterized as a practice of disobedience.
28/09/2016 06h22 - Updated 28/09/2016 15h49
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Between 18h next day Saturday (1º) and 23h of the day Sunday (2), the sale of alcohol is prohibited in Manaus. It is contained in the Prohibition – a Joint Ordinance – signed by the President of TRE-AM, Judge Yedo Simões and the Secretary of Public Safety, Dr. Sérgio Lúcio Fontes.

The measure is taken because of the understanding that alcohol, although the consumption released, It affects the discernment of human capacity.

Besides that, the consumption of alcohol on election day, generally, entails disorders, compromises the good order of electoral work and the democratic voting, while, in previous elections, the ban had effectively, reducing the number of incidents at polling stations.

Lastly, the failure determination characterize the practice of disobedience, provided for in Article 347 Brazilian electoral code (No law 4.737/1965).

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Source: TRE-AM

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