Prohibition: in Manaus will be forbidden to sell alcohol during the election

The measure will cost between 22h Saturday (1º) e as 18h de domingo (2).
30/09/2016 15h06 - Updated 3/10/2016 16h20
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The alcohol sale restriction on Sunday (2), because of municipal elections, It will be adopted in at least ten states, according to a survey by the Agency Brazil. In some, the ban will apply to all state, but in other cases, just the capital or some municipalities will join the Prohibition in elections.

No Amazon, the prohibition applies to the capital, Manaus, entre as 22h de sábado (1º) e as 18h de domingo (2). According to TRE, the measure is taken because of the understanding that alcohol “It affects the discernment of human capacity”.

In Minas Gerais, no Acre, Pará and Paraná, banning the sale, distribution and supply of alcohol will apply to all state, from 6 am to 18h Sunday.

In other states, the decision on the application of alcohol sale restriction is being made individually by each judge of polling stations. That is why, the rule may be different for each municipality, and we need to be alert to the voters adopted a regulation in your city. No Federal District, no municipal elections.

Restricting the sale and consumption of drinks on election day is determined by the state public security secretariats and the Electoral Justice. Commercial establishments that do not comply with the restriction of the sale and the voters who are caught consuming alcohol prohibition where there can be framed in disobedience, provided for in the Electoral Code Brazilian.

Source: Agency Brazil

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