Lula weeps in an act of PT and says that indulges the foot if they prove corruption

Lava Jato says Lula was the 'commander’ corruption scheme.
15/09/2016 15h37 - Updated 15/09/2016 15h37
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said this afternoon (15), at a news conference in Sao Paulo, It is "outraged at the things that are happening in the country". Lula gives interviews a day after it was denounced by federal prosecutors (MPF) by passive corruption and money laundering within the Operation Lava Jato.

“[this collective] It is a citizen outraged by things that have happened and are happening in this country. I think that, in this country, It has few people with the most public life, more supervised than my ", said the former president, in an interview at a hotel in São Paulo.

He, who came to cry at certain moments of the interview, still he denied any wrongdoing. “When I break the law, punish me for an example. But when I do not transgress, seek to create another problem”, he said, stating that evidence is needed to arrest someone. “Prove a corruption of mine that I will walk to be arrested”, he said.

He began his speech praising the defense lawyers and said the wife, Marisa Leticia, He did not attend the conference because "children asked to have lunch with her".

Lula also praised the PT, party which is one of the founders. "I am proud to have created deeply the most important party of the left in Latin America", said. "We were elected mayors, councilors and, with just 20 years of existence, We won the elections [presidential] in this country. It was an unexpected thing ", he added.

The former president also said he tried to do with it, in 2005, as President of the Republic, "The same as they did with Dilma", in reference to the impeachment process. "They invented a lie and made this lie a truth in the eyes of public opinion and caused deputies, on a night that never forget Brazil, to recommend that Dilma would pass the admissibility of the Senate. I have always understood that the Senate had a higher level ", said. "They could take a quiet and peaceful coup, in the streets without military ", he added.

Lula was compared to former president Juscelino Kubitschek, Getúlio Vargas and João Goulart. "Juscelino was the victim of more inquiries I. I have the Getulio vocation to give me the shot, do Jango, to leave Brazil. Therefore, if they want to take me, They will have to play with me, in the street. They thought I was beaten. I not bled and was reelected in 2006 under the most electoral baixaria happened so far. My opponent to face santinho, I was nervous. I 'stayed’ quiet and won the elections. I am aware that my failure would have pleased my opponents and would not have aroused so much hatred with PT. What aroused the anger was the success of my government, the greater social inclusion policy of this country ", said.

Yesterday (15), former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was reported to the first Justice under Operation Lava Jato. The complaint also includes his wife, Marisa Leticia da Silva, and six others: President Lula Institute, Paul Okamotto, former President of the OAS Leo Pinheiro and four related to the construction company OAS: Agenor Franklin Magalhães Medeiros, Paulo Roberto Valente Gordilho, Fabio Hori Yonamine and Roberto Moreira Ferreira. Lula was indicted for money laundering, passive corruption and misrepresentation.

Prosecutors say the former president received undue benefits for the reform of a triplex in Guaruja (SP) made by the contractor OAS. According to the MPF, the reform was offered to him as compensation for actions of the former president in the Petrobras corruption scheme.

The conference was opened by Rui Falcão, PT President, who read a note from the party that says that the complaint of the Federal Public Ministry was a "media spectacle". Second note, the complaint is a "summary judgment" against Lula and would, according to EN, the objective of removing Lula da dispute over the presidency of the Republic in 2018. "We call on all democrats to resist".

Lula came to the interview at the Novotel Jaragua with 30 minutes late. It was received by militants shouting "Lula warrior of the Brazilian people" and "Fascists will not pass".

Outside the hotel, where the interview takes place, some people gathered in an act of support for Lula. Several former ministers PT, MEPs, aldermen, artists and lawyers accompany the interview, tais como a senadora tracks Hoffmann, or Senator Humberto Costa, Senator Lindbergh Farias, Alexandre Padilha [Current Secretary of municipal health São Paulo], Jaques Wagner, Juca Ferreira, Marco Aurélio Garcia, lawyers José Roberto Cristiano Zanin Martins and Batochio, beyond the national president of CUT Vagner Freitas, the leader of the Workers' Movement Homeless (MTST) Guilherme Boulos, the leader of the Rural Workers Landless Movement (MST) Gilmar Mauro, former national president of PCdoB Renato Rabelo.

Source: Agency Brazil

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