Lula says he is sad, who has "good lawyers" and who believes in justice

Through a live broadcast on the Internet, the former president again criticized the complaint filed last week by the MPF.
21/09/2016 06h40 - Updated 21/09/2016 14h01
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said he was "saddened" by the acceptance by the judge Sergio Moro complaint against him presented by the task force Operation Lava Jato, but he said he relies on Justice and will "keep fighting" for Brazil to "conquer democracy".

With the decision Tuesday (20), Lula, his wife, Marisa Leticia, and another six people became defendants in investigations, the point as the "maximum commander identified corruption scheme in [Operation] Lava Jet "and accused him of accepting bribes and money laundering.

Through a live broadcast on the Internet, the former president again criticized the complaint filed last week by federal prosecutors. "Obviously I'm sad because I know now that the Moro judge accepted the complaint against me, even the complaint being a scam, a lie told, a large pyrotechnic show in that country ", said the former president.

"Anyway, as I believe in justice, I have good lawyers, we will fight to see which gives. The truth is that. We will continue fighting for Brazil conquer democracy and the Brazilian people again be proud to be Brazilian because we are Brazilians and never give up ", complemented.

according to Lula, "Someone to be judged truth and be convicted or acquitted need to make sure". The former president said the news recently, to participate, by teleconference, the global launch of a campaign to support him called "We are Lula". The event took place in New York and had the support of the International Trade Union Confederation, represents, according to the press office of former president, 180 million unionized workers 162 countries.

The lawyers of the former president issued a note criticizing Sergio Moro and claim that the judge "has lost its impartiality to judge Lula, after practicing various acts that violated the fundamental guarantees of the former president ".

Paulo Okamoto

Also note by, the lawyer of President Lula Institute, Paulo Okamoto, claimed that there is no money laundering because Lula, Okamoto and the agency did not benefit. The lawyer Fernando Augusto Fernandes says it will appeal the decision and that the complaint "without proof" and "without cause" could not have been accepted.

"There is no corruption or unfair advantage to pay for conservation of a former president collection because it is considered as 'Brazilian cultural heritage of public interest'", He wrote the defense institute.

Source: Agency Brazil

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