Lula reacts to the complaint of the prosecution on social network

The PT said on his Facebook page that "was never owner" of the triplex in Guaruja.
14/09/2016 16h01 - Updated 14/09/2016 16h01
Photo: Fábio Vieira

On his Facebook page, former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva responded to the complaint of the Federal Prosecutor against him in the case of Guaruja triplex. In the early afternoon, Lula, your woman, Marisa Leticia, and six others were reported by the Jet Wash the property of the case on the coast. The PT, However, He said the social network "was never owner" of the apartment.

Lula says he made public in January documents that would prove that he is not triplex owner of Guaruja. The statement reiterated the version that the former president was only once in the apartment, at the time evaluating a possible purchase of the property.

“Never was his owner (or triplex) or even slept one night in the apartment alleged that the Lava-Jato desperately tries to assign to former President”, He says the statement was accompanied by a link to a matter of Lula Institute, with documents that allegedly would prove the innocence of PT.

Besides Lula and Marisa Leticia, were also denounced President Lula Institute, Paul Okamotto, former President of the OAS Leo Pinheiro, and former directors of the OAS Paulo Gordilho (responsible for buying customized furniture for the apartment kitchen), Agenor Franklin Magalhães Medeiros, Fabio Hori Yonamine and Roberto Moreira Ferreira.

The prosecution investigated the triplex and reforms of R $ 1 million made to it were a form of payment undue advantage to Lula by OAS, one of the construction companies that participated in the cartel Petrobras.

The former president is already a defendant in proceedings of the 10th Federal Court of Brasilia, for trying to obstruct justice by buying the silence of former director Nestor Cervero Petrobras, one of the informers operated corruption scheme in the state. Lula is still investigating the purchase of Atibaia site, in Sao Paulo, renovated with the help of another contractor involved in the scheme, a Odebrecht.

Source: The globe

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