Lula is said to have offended life “futucada” the MPF

The PT said it “injured” e “sore” by having, to 71 years old, to life “futucada by some boys of the Federal Prosecutor”.
21/09/2016 17h25 - Updated 21/09/2016 17h25
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, defendant in the operation Lava Jato, He said on Wednesday, 21, in Barbalha, in Ceará Cariri, it is “injured” e “sore” by having, to 71 years old, to life “futucada for a MPF boys (Federal Public Ministry)”.

“After two years futuca, futuca e futuca, finding no evidence, finding no evidence, because they have to know that I have not the study that they have, but I have shame in the face that many people have not. And if there's one thing I pride myself is to look in the face of a woman, look in the face of a man and a child and tell you that on the day they find a real in my life other than my, I'm not worth more to have your trust”, Lula said in lectern mounted for city mayoral candidate, Fernando Santana (PT).

“When futucarem my life for two years, they have said that I have an apartment that is not mine, They have said that I have a farm that is not mine”, Lula continued.

Reaffirming that there is no evidence that incriminates, the former president suggested that asked pardon for charges.

“The citizens take their conviction and keep him. If you are saying I did something, to prove. If not prove, apologize. It is no shame to apologize. But it seems that he does not know”, commented, next to the governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana (PT) and his wife, Onelia.

“I want to tell you that I am with my conscience”, Lula said.

Soon after, he quipped: “I actually did very badly for this country. I guarantee that this country and this Northeast were created 22 million jobs. We guarantee that the Northeast people beware the donkey and go ride a motorcycle. We guarantee 41 million cisterns that Northeast to reduce the suffering of the people. We guarantee that poor in Ceará can travel to visit their relatives in Sao Paulo plane. We guarantee that the poor do not have to do grocery invasion in the dry season, because we decided to ensure the staple of every woman and every child. They were against, because they do not know what a mother put a child to sleep without this child has a glass of milk to drink. I may have committed the crime of having created the Bolsa Família. I may have committed the crime of putting poor son at the University”.

The former president said he and former President Dilma did more for the poor and the Ceará than any other Brazilian president.

And he made sure to mention the help of brothers Ciro Gomes and Cid (PDT), allies, according to Lula, in good times and bad. Cyrus and Cid did not participate in the act in Barbalha.


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