More of 16 thousand students from public state of Amazonas part of the evidence of the second phase of OBMEP

Only in the Amazon, 16.678 students 413 public schools were selected for the final phase of the competition.
09/09/2016 14h20 - Updated 9/09/2016 14h20
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The evidence of the second phase of the Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad Public Schools (OBMEP) They will be applied on Saturday, 10 of September, at 14:30 (Brasilia time). Approximately 900 thousand public school students throughout the country will participate in the ratings. Only in the Amazon, 16.678 students 413 public schools were selected for the final phase of the competition.

As in previous years, in 2016, the OBMEP was organized in two phases. in the first, held on 7 of June, the evidence was composed of 20 multiple-choice questions. A second phase, for students classified in the first evaluation, will feature essay exams.

In its 12th edition, the OBMEP is held annually by the Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Ministry of Education (GUY), in partnership with the National Institute of Pure Mathematics Applied (Impa) and Brazilian Mathematical Society (SBM). State of Amazonas, coordination of the Olympics is made by the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust) and mobilization for student participation has the support of the State Government through the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC).

In this year, schools the public schools of the capital and the interior of the Amazon had total membership of the Olympics. According to the Basic Education Manager of the Final Years and Olympiad coordinator at SEDUC, Teacher Eriberto Façanha, the wide dissemination in schools favored the effective participation of students in the competition.

"The public state of Amazonas has advanced positively, each year, the evidence of OBMEP. In each edition, our students have achieved a favorable number of gold medals, silver and bronze, as well as honorable mentions in the competition. The trend is that in this edition, these numbers may increase, once we do a very important job in spreading the Olympics in the capital and in the interior, in partnership with the Federal University of Amazonas and also in the preparation of our teachers, through pedagogical meetings, so that they could develop activities with the students focused on the issues assessed in competition, as logical reasoning and mathematical thinking ", He explained Professor Eriberto Façanha.

Working Groups
In a more targeted action, SEDUC through its Working Group (GT) Math, formed by specialist teachers in area, in this year, He started to act more directly in the dissemination of OBMEP between teachers and students of the state.

As the GT coordinator mathematics in SEDUC, Nilo Sena, the disclosure of the Olympics was one of the points worked out by the team of teachers, given the importance of competition. "In partnership with Ufam, We coordinate an outreach OBMEP work with teachers and students of the state, seeking to highlight the importance of competition and mobilizing them to participate more actively in the Olympics, since one of the awards OBMEP, It gives the student the opportunity to study outside the state, in one of the most renowned institutes of the country, the National Institute of Pure Mathematics Applied (Impa)”, he said.

The 12th edition of OBMEP award students with gold medals, talk, bronze and honorable mentions. Also schools and departments of education that stand out because of student performance will be rewarded.

In editing 2015 the OBMEP, the public state of Amazonas education won four gold medals, 13 silver and 86 bronze, totalizing 103 medals, Besides 582 honorable mentions.

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