Manaus appears among the worst capitals in urban welfare ranking in Brazil

Between the 27 Brazilian capitals, Manaus occupies the 24th position, with index 0,6903.
27/09/2016 16h22 - Updated 28/09/2016 07h00
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The Manaus Prefecture, the last four years, We did not have the power to improve people's quality of life improvements in public transport, basic sanitation, garbage collections, housing programs and basic infrastructure for the population.

An example of this was the new survey, released on Tuesday (27) the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo and made by the Observatory of the Metropolises which is coordinated by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and reveals that the Wellness Urban Index (Ibeu) Manaus is one of the worst in the country. Between the 27 Brazilian capitals, Manaus is in 24th place, getting behind Rio Branco and the front of Bethlehem, Porto Velho and Macapa.

The survey considered the items: urban mobility, as the displacement from home to work time; environmental conditions (afforestation, open sewer, accumulated garbage); housing conditions (number of people per household and bedroom); urban public services (proper care of water, Sewer, energy and waste collection) and infrastructure.

The survey measured the welfare in 5.565 municipalities in Brazil and points out that, as close to 1,0 better the quality of urban well-being. The top five capitals were: Victory (0,9); Goiânia (0,8742); Curitiba (0,874); Belo Horizonte (0,8619) and Porto Alegre (0,8499). And the five worst: White River, Manaus, Bethlehem, Porto Velho and Macapa.

The survey conducted by UFRJ shows that the capital of Amazonas has not progressed in the last four years and is still at the top of the worst capital, inclusive, social indicators, as presented in the survey by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea), in 2015. In the study, the metropolitan region of Manaus was the one with the worst social and economic indicators of the country.

The IPEA research analyzed the advancement of human capital, urban infrastructure and income and work of each of the 20 areas of the country. To understand or ranking, it should be noted the variation between 0 e 1 – The larger the index, worse is the result of the region's vulnerability scale.

ranking the 27 Brazilian capitals:
1-Victory (IS) – 0,9000
2-Goiânia (GO) – 0,8742
3-Curitiba (PR) – 0,8740
4-Belo Horizonte (MG) – 0,8619
5-Porto Alegre (RS) – 0,8499
6-Campo Grande (MS) – 0,8275
7-Aracaju (HE) – 0,8214
8-Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – 0,8194
9-Florianópolis (SC) – 0,8161
10-Brasilia (DF) – 0,8131
11-Palmas (TO) – 0,8129
12-Sao Paulo (SP) – 0,8119
13-Joao Pessoa (PB) – 0,7992
14-Fortress (THIS) – 0,7819
15-Recife (ON) – 0,7758
16-Salvador (BA) – 0,7719
17-Cuiaba (MT) – 0,7704
18-Natal (RN) – 0,7383
19-Boa Vista (RR) – 0,7249
20-Teresina (PI) – 0,7218
21-Maceio (AL) – 0,7036
22-St. Louis (BUT) – 0,7003
23-White River (AC) – 0,6972
24-Manaus (AM) – 0,6903
25-Bethlehem (PA) – 0,6593
26-Porto Velho (RO) – 0,6542
27-Macapa (You) – 0,6413

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