Manaus achievement vague to host Superliga Women Volleyball and event will take place for the first time in the North

The national event brings together professional teams from various Brazilian states.
16/09/2016 10h04 - Updated 16/09/2016 14h18
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Manaus will host for the first time the main division of the national volleyball tournament, Feminine Superliga. The announcement was made by head of the Secretariat of State for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel), Fabricio Lima, on the morning of Friday, day 16. The compromise was agreed during folder holder's meeting with the vice president of the Athletic Association São Caetano, Camilo Marcel, in Sao Paulo, during the afternoon of Thursday, 15.

In Manaus from the early hours of Friday, Lima explains that the event's opportunity came after the visit of Marcel to the City, when it came to follow the Olympic champion, Arthur Zanetti, the lecture in honor of the Professional Day of Physical Education, September 1.

"Talking with Marcel on the day of the lecture Zanetti, he said it would be interesting to Superliga come to Manaus. At the same time, not wasted, and I began to mature the idea with him. I arranged to meet him in Sao Paulo this week to fine tune the design and, thanks to the Father in Heaven, I can say that this will be the first time the Northern Region will receive the main tournament ".

Also according to Lima, still can not reveal the teams that will be in the City, but the games must take place between October and November this year and February 2017. The matches will take place in the Amadeu Teixeira Arena, located in Loris Street Cordovil, Flores.

"For contractual issues we can not yet say who comes to play here, but surely we will have many idols on the court and I have no doubt that the population will join the competitions and attend mass at the event. We must, inclusive, receive two matches and this will enhance our sport, our economy, City culture and generally ", said Lima.

According to Marcel Camilo, the disclosure of the dates of the matches and teams must take place in 20 days. "We are very excited about Manaus, I followed the game of the Brazilian team there, prestigiei's lecture Zanetti, attended clinic Marcos Goto (coach medalist Gymnastics), and I realized how Amazonians are excited about the sporting events. That is why, since now, I'm sure that the Capital was a great choice and the competition will be a success. Coming soon, we will give more details about the Superliga ", he said.

Women Superliga

The Women's Super League is the Series A national volleyball tournament. Since a season 2009/2010, the form of dispute has been with a qualifying round in consecutive points, turn and returno, the quarter-finals set for best series of three, best in five semifinals and final in one game. The champion earns the right to compete in the South American Club Championship.

Participate in this year's tournament the following teams:

volleyball Bauru
Concilig / Volleyball Bauru

São Caetano EC
Saint Kitts Health / São Caetano

SESI São Paulo

Rio South Volleyball
Rio do Sul / Equibrasil

Rio de Janeiro VC
Rexona Ades River

Club beach
Dentil Beach Club

Osasco VC
Volleyball Nestle Osasco

Minas Tennis Club
Peasants / Mines

IAV Brasilia
Brasilia Volleyball

EC Pinheiros
EC Pinheiros

CC Valinhos
Renata/Valinhos Country

AAD São Bernardo
St. Bernard Volleyball

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