Manaus is the ninth capital suicides, second specialists

The majority of causes are related to mood disorders.
13/09/2016 20h29 - Updated 14/09/2016 12h08
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Manaus is the ninth among the country's capital in cases of suicide, according to data presented by the president of the Psychiatric Association Amazonense (MONKEY), Cleber Nayef, during the symposium "in September Yellow: National Prevention Campaign to Suicide ", held on Tuesday, 13 of September, in the auditorium Belarmino Lins, the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM). The indicators point, still, the majority of causes are related to mood disorders, especially depression and bipolarity, and those associated with the use of licit and illicit drugs.

The September campaign Yellow, aimed at combating suicide and appreciation of life, It is first performed by the AAP in the Amazon and has the support of the Amazonas State Public Defender (ECD-AM). During the symposium, Psychiatry Area experts addressed the main causes and suicide prevention and stressed that the issue has to be dealt with in the public health.

"Suicide has to be treated as a public health issue and as a medical emergency, because there is risk of life. It has been proven scientifically that in most cases people who commit suicide suffer from at least one major psychiatric disorder. And this information needs to be disseminated so that they discuss ways of preventing ", Nayef said Cleber.

altogether, according to data from AAP, 96% people who committed suicide were suffering from some mental disorder, It is the major mood disorders (35%), such as depression and bipolarity; use disorders alcohol and other drugs (22%); personality disorders (11,6%), as psychopathy and of boderline syndrome; and schizophrenia (10%).

According to the survey presented by psychiatrist Cleber Nayef, in Brazil the capital with the highest suicide mortality rate is the Boa Vista, Roraima, with many records among indigenous. It also increased the number of cases among men. In Manaus, There are an average of eight suicides every 100 and two thousand each 100 thousand women. The numbers are considered outdated by the AAP because of underreporting of cases.

psychiatrists, AAP members, Luiz Eduardo Fonseca and Pablo Gnutsmann addressed during the symposium the myths and truths about psychiatric treatments and clinical aspects of suicide. Experts point out that it is necessary for the basic health network is prepared to identify where there is potential risk of suicide and refer for treatment professionals, of Psychiatry and Psychology areas.

Testimony - The public defender Ricardo Trinidad, who coordinates the campaign in September Yellow by the Ombudsman, participated in the symposium as a guest to talk about the experience lived in the family, with the loss of a daughter 16 years, three years ago. "It's a pain that I have to live and I have been learning from it. Each family member has a kind of reaction and I came to want to talk about it so that people know that suicide can be prevented in most cases. It is a matter of humanity, because we are talking about life and all the effort to save lives is valid. Yellow September is a movement for life ", he said.

Action in Ponta Negra on Sunday - The Yellow September campaign began in Manaus on the last day 10 of September, World Suicide Prevention Day, with leafleting at Largo de São Sebastião, the historic center of Manaus, to talk about causes and prevention. In addition to the symposium held on Tuesday in the ALE-AM, the AAP and the Public Defender, together with voluntary, will be on the beach promenade of Ponta Negra on Sunday, 18 of September, pair plus one share of leafleting and awareness.

Participate in the action in Ponta Negra, west of Manaus, public defenders and defenders, social workers and psychologists DPE-AM and volunteers, as well as professionals of Psychiatry at AAP.

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