Manaus is among the capitals with smaller rise in the basket

The smallest increases were recorded in Florianopolis (7,79%), Manaus (9,17%) and Curitiba (10,05%).
09/09/2016 15h21 - Updated 13/09/2016 20h36
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The cost of the foods that make up the basic food basket grew in 18 the 27 Brazilian capitals in August, research shows the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Diesse). The largest increases were in Florianopolis (3,16%), Maceio (3,11%), Macapa (2,91%) and Curitiba (2,59%). There were price drop in nine capital, especially Goiânia (-3,15%) and Aracaju (-2,26%).

No cumulative janeiro to August, there was an increase in all state capitals. The most significant increases occurred in Goiânia (22,51%), Maceio (22,28%) and Boa Vista (21,35%). The smallest increases were recorded in Florianopolis (7,79%), Manaus (9,17%) and Curitiba (10,05%).

The most expensive basket was the São Paulo (R$ 475,11), followed by Porto Alegre (R$ 474,34) and Florianopolis (R$ 457,11). The lowest average values ​​were observed in Christmas (R$ 365,46) and Aracaju (R$ 370,70).

Foods that rose more were butter, powder coffee, rice, whole milk and sugar. Potato, bean and soybean oil had a reduced price.

Minimum wage
According to the Diesse, the minimum wage ideal for maintaining a family of four, in August, should be R $ 3.991,40, or 4,54 times the current minimum, that's $ 880. In July, the minimum required was R $ 3.992,75. The estimate takes into account the most expensive basket, from Sao Paulo.

The average time to acquire the basic food basket was, In August, from 104 hours. In July, they were required 103 hours and 8 minutes.

Source: Agency Brazil

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