Manaus has registered more than five thousand instances of violence against the elderly this year

The data are from SSP-AM and specifically occurrences are: 1.014 thefts, 753 theft, 580 threats and 497 cases of slander, slander and defamation.
28/09/2016 12h28 - Updated 28/09/2016 12h28
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Created 2003, the Elderly Statute, ensuring fundamental rights to the public of the third age, full 13 years next October 1. Even with all this time, many people still ignore the guarantees of people over 60 years, what causes the allegations of violence against the public is still very common.

According to the Department of Public Safety Amazon (SSP-AM), in the first eight months 2016 They were recorded in Manaus 5.411 instances of violence against the elderly, and 1.014 thefts; 753 theft; 580 threats and 497 cases of slander, slander and defamation. Other crimes such as domestic violence, larceny, bodily injury, mistreatment, homicide and traffic accidents, also, appear in mirror.

The Government of Amazonas has strived to reduce these numbers and until the next day 6 October holds the "State of the Elderly Week" to involve society in the debates on the subject and report on the institutional tools provided by the state for the protection of the elderly. "We want the population to be our main ally in the fight against crimes committed against the elderly. That is why, inform the people is essential for everyone to be vigilant and to report by Dial 100 or 181. There is no need to identify. The elder is a priority and the Government has a service network as the specialized police, the integrated center for protection and defense, the Living Centers for the Elderly and the Family, among others, that meet various demands daily ", explains the Department of Justice holder, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), grace Prola.

According to the secretary, combating domestic violence, collective rights guarantee and priority calls are some of the main fronts of state action. "Ensuring a healthy aging process and also tackle the situation of the elderly in situation are also some priorities that are not set aside throughout the year", completed.

occurrences – The south zones (1.375) and north (1.117), They appear as more incidents against violence, followed by east (959), center-on (737) and west (453. The Central neighborhoods (492), New city (306), Dawn (220) and Jorge Teixeira (211) They have the highest number of registered reports.

For the holder of Police Specializing in Crimes Against Elderly, Ivone Azevedo, economic class of the population influences the incidence. "The lack of economic status and cultural and educational attainment are generally factors present in cases of crimes and aggressions against public of the third age", he explained.

Also according to the data, the male population has the highest number of victims with 2.874 cases, q while the female appears 2.537. Ivone said that most crime happens in the family. "Generally aggression, be verbal or physical, They are practiced by a child, a grandchild or other relative ", completed.

The police station, located in the Park Ten November, center-on area, established in July 2007, serves the public in partnership with the Center for Integrated Protection and Defense of the Elderly (CIPDI), that works on the premises of the police unit. nonlocal, victims and their families receive support professionals, as social workers and psychologists, to try to solve the problems related to elderly. They also receive guidance on preventing and combating violence.

Interior – As for the interior, the figures show from January to August this year, 561 newsletters in total, with the three that appear are more Presidente Figueiredo (a 117 kilometers from Manaus) with 99, followed by Humaita (a 1.476 kilometers from Manaus) with 97 and Iranduba (a 27 kilometers from Manaus) with 94.

Statistics - According to the last census of the Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), not Amazonas, in 2010 the elderly population was 210 one thousand, being that 91 thousand lived in the urban area and 41 thousand in rural. The estimate of the Institute for 2015 It is that this population had grown to 477 thousand people over 60 years living in the Amazon.

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