Marcelo Ramos criticizes extinction of T2 and says in its terminal management back to make integration

T2 is closing an agreement with businessmen to force workers to pay another ticket and increase the revenues of companies.
06/09/2016 09h23 - Updated 6/09/2016 09h23
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The candidate for mayor of Manaus by the coalition "Change for Change", Marcelo Ramos (PR), reported that the extinction Integration Terminal Cachoeirinha (T2) and its transformation in connection station, It is part of a great deal of Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) with the bus business to increase company revenues, forcing thousands of users to pay two fares to reach the destination.

"This is unacceptable. It is cruel to the citizen. The current mayor ends with the integration and forces the user to shell out more money on transportation to fill the pockets of entrepreneurs of public transport. We will not allow this to continue. From January 1, I will return to the people the T2 with its original features, or entrepreneurs will be forced to give away the "Easy Pass" card for all users ", said.

Marcelo Ramos explained that the fare price is already built the cost of both temporal integration – made with the card Easy Pass -, and physical, at the terminals.

”Logo, not have because citizens pay another fare when making the transfer to the new terminal. Users were fooled by the mayor. He closed the T2 under the argument that reform the terminal and actually opened a large bus stop, spending R $ 3 million in which the citizen is obliged to pay two fares to get to your destination. This is a cowardice with users of public transport system. It is administrative incompetence of the mayor ", protested.

In the opinion of Marcelo Ramos, the transformation of T2 Connection Station "is part of a large Artur scene game with entrepreneurs". "Arthur pretended not increased the rate, but it ended with the integration in T2 and allows businessmen to keep hundreds of buses parked in garages, while the population suffers at busy stops waiting for an unacceptable time, the bus pass. It is not fair that the citizens still have to pay two passages, when you have the right, years ago, to pay only one. In our administration this blackmail the worker will end ", secured.

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