Marcelo Ramos says studies show that Manaus want change

do not take candidate focus research results that follow with humility and hard work in the pursuit of votes to Manaus Prefecture.
19/09/2016 17h44 - Updated 19/09/2016 17h44
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The dissemination of research numbers that appears with ten points ahead of the current mayor, He did not move with the head of Marcelo Ramos (PR). In the early morning hours of Monday (19), the candidate for mayor of Manaus by the coalition "Change for Change", You sent a message to the WhatsApp application groups, with the following message: “We will continue working firm, with humility and serenity. We have much to gain and together we will achieve our goals ", wrote Marcelo Ramos.

The latest survey was conducted by the company DMP and Tiradentes Network and broadcast on the morning of Monday (19). The research shows the scene of a second round between the current mayor Artur Neto and Marcelo Ramos, where Marcelo emerges victorious with 50,5% Against 40,8% Artur Neto.

Marcelo Ramos the best result is one that has been shown in the streets. The candidate is optimistic and says that the research results only give more incentive, courage and determination to continue the road to victory. “What I ask is that each voter who believes in the power of safe and transformative change, help us asking more a vote of a family, a friend and then yes we will get stronger in the second round”, said.

Marcelo stressed that in all regions of Manaus, the feeling is change, change attitudes, priority, the form of government. “It is we represent this change”, highlighted.

The rejection rate indicated by the research was also highlighted by Marcelo Ramos as irrefutable given that the population wants change at City Hall. Nothing less than 32% of the electorate said that would not vote in the current way of any mayor, while only 7% reject Marcelo.

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