Marcelo Ramos dominates debate TV shows that Amazon and is the most prepared to rule Manaus

Without lowering the level of debate, the candidate Marcelo Ramos listed one by one the government projects to return the city the way forward.
30/09/2016 14h07 - Updated 30/09/2016 14h22
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More prepared and better performance throughout the debate promoted by TV Amazon, late on Thursday (29), Marcelo Ramos candidate Marcelo Ramos showed again he is ready to take the Manaus City Hall. Without lowering the level of debate, the candidate Marcelo Ramos listed one by one the government projects to return the city the way forward: Health, Education, mass transit, Management, Transparency, Infrastructure, all proposed topics were answered by Marcelo Ramos with a firm foundation of its Government Plan.

Marcelo Ramos took advantage of the debate to thank the care received in the streets during the election process of the 1st round, and said it would not respond to "hatred and cowardice with which the opponents' attack your campaign.

"We deliver our campaign to the people of Manaus. This campaign does not belong to me anymore. This campaign is now a child hugging me in the street and says he will ask their parents to vote in 22. This campaign is a worker who goes to the district and meet with colleagues and asked to vote for 22. It is a mother and a father for a better future for the whole family, They gather for the whole family to vote for 22. It's pretty much what we are living. It is the will of the people of Manaus. It is the mighty power of God that will put us in the second round and that will lead us to victory ", said Marcelo Ramos.

About its proposals for the health, Marcelo Ramos was emphatic when speaking directly to the people who suffer when going to the door of a house and health is not met. "This is a cowardice with the population, with simple people who need a basic service. Because if a person knocks on the door of a house is because it is a fever, It is with pressure problem or uncontrolled diabetes and needs a service ", said Marcelo to say that will expand the primary care network.

According to Marcelo, today Manaus has health coverage to 50% and the Family Health Strategy with only coverage 33% for the population. The Marcelo proposal is to extend to 70% coverage, increasing the teams of the Family Health Strategy 400 teams.

"Go back to that doctor you knew coming into your home, talking to you, More than curing diseases, promoting health. Unfortunately, in the last years, there is a great precariousness of the primary care network, but that will change and the doctor will again attend your home ", said Marcelo Ramos directly at the viewer.

In addressing the theme "Corruption", Marcelo Ramos has expounded not only in public life, but also in their private life, absolute commitment to fighting corruption.

"My story in parliament is scheduled for the supervision of the government spending. It also marks my path, the objective support to the Federal Police has an absolutely radical attitude with any money of misconduct in public administration. Inclusive, advancing for contracting investigations which are not justified. Hiring a company of a prisoner operation Maus Paths for bidding waiver to both the telemarketing service and combat the virus zika. I'm sure the operation Maus Paths still come this contract ", said Marcelo.

Marcelo added saying that there are two products that are well public money: the product of the corruption and inefficiency of the duct, and there are only two ways to combat this: absolute transparency and social control. "Our government will ensure absolute transparency of public accounts and will create social control mechanisms for the population to be partner, tax is the proper use of public money ", said.

Public transport
Marcelo Ramos said the challenge in public transport is serious and we need to double the average fleet speed in four years with the infrastructure works and exclusive bus lanes. "Not with a can of paint, a roller and a bead of fines. But with works and investments, with the process of enlargement, with adequate infrastructure, with a new fleet with the right side door, with intelligent signaling ", said.

Among the shortcomings pointed out by Marcelo Ramos in public transport Manaus is the bus stops without coverage, the delay of the bus and its precarious conditions. "What happens today and in recent days, companies do not put the entire fleet to run. I showed this in our TV show: several bus stops crowded and garages full of companies stopped bus. This will end in our government ", said Marcelo Ramos.

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