Marcelo Ramos ensures that Linear Park Mindu will be great milestone for Manaus

The project has 17 kilometers and will pervade ten districts of Manaus, Jorge Teixeira with free access to the Park of Billiards.
08/09/2016 18h53 - Updated 8/09/2016 18h53
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The candidate for mayor Marcelo Ramos, coalition Change to Transform, He announced as a priority in its management, if elected, complete the Linear Park Mindu, project that will unite landscaping, sustainability, environment and urban mobility in a path 17 kilometers along the banks of the largest stream of Manaus.

"The current mayor, even with the cash resources, He was unable to complete the project. But, in our Hall, we will speed up the work and deliver as soon as possible, this will be a new milestone in urban mobility Manaus ", ensures Marcelo Ramos.

The work will be the first route with diagonal stroke in Manaus, linking the North and South Central zones. The Mindu Linear Park will join environmental conservation mobility options clean, as, for example, transport done by means of bicycles, making the city speed without harming nature.

The proposed Marcelo Ramos will also join accessibility and health, forming an immense green road. There will be over 17 kilometers of bike path, lane pedestrian, recreational areas with landscaping and full access.

"This is an important work that could have been delivered by the current mayor. The resources of R $ 310 million is available from 2007, but for incompetence, the current administration will, indeed, an abandonment trail and disrespect for the population and the environment ", Marcelo Ramos criticizes.

The work of Mindu Linear Park has its beginnings in the Jorge Teixeira, East zone, coming to the Park Billiards, in South-Central Zone. From this section, as proposed by Marcelo Ramos, there will be bike racks and points so that people can pick up their bus and access to other places in town.

"The Mindu Linear Park will plant the seed of conservation in children of municipal schools that are in the path of the stream. these schools, we will create small laboratories to collect and ongoing assessment of water quality ", explains Marcelo Ramos.

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