Marcelo Ramos shows strength in Alvorada and population calls for change at City Hall

Residents reported that currently in the neighborhood Alvorada no public sanitation, and other problems.
18/09/2016 11h19 - Updated 19/09/2016 08h22
Photo: Michell Mello

Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto, coalition "Change for Change", accompanied by Senator Omar Aziz, Federal Deputy Alfredo Nascimento, the former first lady Nejmi Aziz and presenter Wilson Lima, They held a meeting / rally on the night of Friday (17), in Alvorada I Neighborhood, in the West Zone.

The population showed, once again, Whatever change in the Manaus City Hall and with much applause, They demonstrated their support for Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto asking the Alvorada neighborhood again be remembered, since today, residents complain about the weeds take over the streets and the lack of public sanitation, among other problems.

"Let's make the Alvorada again become a living neighborhood. We bring the safe and transformational change that our city needs in education, safety, health and public transport. It is our commitment to the people ", reinforced Marcelo Ramos.

Former Governor Omar Aziz said the Manaus that the current mayor no longer deceives the people with pictures of "virtual city that is shown in his electoral program".

"The people are not stupid. Just come here in Alvorada to see how the situation, with streams polluted, potholed streets and poor public transport. At the time that Alfred was mayor and I was the vice, We never had this long grass taking Alvorada streets of account as well ", said Senator Omar Aziz.

Congressman Alfredo Nascimento said the city needs new people, with breath and enthusiasm to solve the problems that Manaus is facing today and which are not few.

"I have no doubt that Marcelo Ramos is the best person to manage Manaus. Marcelo is young, full of vigor, has a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to do the transformation that the Manaus City Hall needs. The current mayor had money and opportunity to do more for the city Manaus, He did not because he did not ", said Congressman, Alfredo Nascimento.

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