Marcelo Ramos proves that Arthur have $ 4 billion more than the predecessor

Official balance of own Hall shows that Arthur does not speak the truth when you try to blame the crisis.
06/09/2016 16h22 - Updated 9/09/2016 15h04
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The candidate for mayor of Manaus, Marcelo Ramos (PR,) dismounted Arthur's speech that fell in the collection of the Manaus City Hall and proved with numbers that the current mayor raised, in three years and six half R $ 4,8 billion more than its predecessor in four years. In video posted on social networks, Marcelo uses official balance sheet data of the own City Hall to show that Arthur does not speak the truth when you try to blame the crisis and a supposed decline in revenues for failure to fulfill campaign promises.

According to Marcelo Ramos, Arthur had sufficient resources to an administration of great achievements. "But, by wrong priorities, by irresponsibility in managing, He spent wrong and made a lackluster management. Not built a single school, did BRT, as 110 promised creches, It did not solve the public transportation problems and is now in campão rejection ", said.

Marcelo Ramos presented in the balance sheet that the city earned in three and a half years R $ 13.770.403.000,00, while the previous administration (Amazonino Mendes) We had R $ 9.710.156.000,00. Revenue R $,00 more than the mayor that preceded.

Only property tax (Tax Urban Building and Land), Marcelo showed that the current mayor, in three and a half years, raised R $ 298.000.000,00 higher than the previous mayor, in four years. Besides that, ISS (Any tax Nature of Service) – tax that citizens pay often without realizing, Artur collected R $ 396.000.000,00 higher than the previous mayor.

"And to take down once this small talk from the mayor that lacked resources at City Hall, that there was a decrease in revenues, that decreased the transfers from the Federal Government and the State, I want to note that the current mayor received, only current transfers, that is, resources transferred from the State Government and the Union, the amount of R $ 1.800.000.000,00 but has, in three and a half years, the former mayor ", said candidate.

Marcelo Ramos also claims that, outside the above values, the current mayor received, recently, almost R $ 500 million a brokered financing by Senator Omar Aziz, via BID (Inter-American Development Bank).

"So, mayor, be serious with the city and its government. Stop this talk of missing money. There was no lack of money. He missed hitting the priorities. Have lacked affection and care to people. Missing plug the holes instead of starting the asphalt Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue. He missed put meals at school instead of doing "Rock in Rio" in Manaus ", said Marcelo Ramos.

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