Marcelo Ramos wants modern city and facilitator to stimulate job creation and income

The proposals included in the candidate of the government plan is to make the Manaus City Hall follow the example of large companies.
04/09/2016 13h24 - Updated 4/09/2016 13h24
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"We'll do the meeting that Manaus waiting a long time is the meeting of an economy of the twenty-first century, of a society of XXI century, with a town hall and managers in the XXI century. This is the challenge of modernity. This is the challenge of the new era we need to build for our city ". The statement is Marcelo Ramos, candidate for mayor of Manaus, during debate at the Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas, on the night of Friday (02).

The proposals included in Marcelo Ramos government plan is to make the Manaus City Hall follow the example of large companies preparing and modernized its management, encouraging entrepreneurship, besides reducing bureaucracy the system.

"We live a contradiction in which, companies prepared for the XXI century, They are investing in technology, They are investing in modern management methods, are forced to deal with the government insists that and keep your head in the twentieth century and the feet in the nineteenth century ", exemplifies Marcelo Ramos.

In Marcelo vision, entrepreneurship should be encouraged so that the generation of employment and income desafogue the weight of social services to the population and, according to him, no viability for the entrepreneur who prepared his company to produce more and more cheaply and expeditiously, encounter difficulties with the city.

"Today, the entrepreneur will knock the door of Implurb (Municipal Institute of City Planning) and will spend two to five months to get the license, and will try to regulate your business and will not get, because there is a mistaken view that, sometimes, charge bit is better than not charge anything. It has to be the opposite ", Marcelo Ramos mentioned that bet on a government entrepreneur.

Marcelo Ramos, the city needs to understand that increasing the formalization, although it lower the rate, she will be able to maintain its tax collection capacity because it will increase the basis on which this collection takes. E, the possibility of tax collection tax base only occurs with the city's preparation for an economy of the twenty-first century, more efficient management methods, shipping technology, and effectively, making the meeting between a company, a policy, an economy that is already in the XXI century, with a city prepared to relate more fraternal and more efficiently with those who want to produce and generate employment and income for the city.

Free Zone People Manauara
The Marcelo Ramos government plan highlights the commitment to the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM) with program "Free Zone Manauara People" which provides that the City has an active and responsible role to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC), Superintendency of the Manaus Free Zone (Suframa) and Secretary of State Planning (SEPLAN), to attract new business and investment, offering land and adequate infrastructure. The goal is to transform Manaus in a non-bureaucratic environment and a large business center.

"Our idea is to make the Industrial District will become a major hub of business and we can deploy the business tourism culture in the region. The City Council can not shirk responsibility and not go back to the Industrial District which is where more is generated resources for the city ", states or candidate.

The "Free Zone Manauara People" will take adequate infrastructure, new urban design for the PIM, transforming the space into a place with lighting, landscaping, organized traffic, encouraging the establishment of business spaces as: Shops, galleries, office buildings and offices, restaurants, sidewalks, Bike Lane, homes and living areas. In this way, the Industrial District will attract investor attention becoming a tourist business hub.

Legalization of informal
Also on the proposal of Marcelo Ramos are planned legalization measures the informal entrepreneur with the "My Living Neighborhood". The program will work with a great deal of formalization of small businesses in the neighborhoods, for these small businesses to generate employment in the surrounding that particular area.

"Today, this small business is taken with great sacrifice and with great hardness and the city only remembers that he exists when will monitor. I never went there with Sebrae, I never went there with the trade association to guide how to formalize or legalize. We will remember in time to regularize, to stimulate economic activity within the neighborhood because it creates jobs and is sustainable for the life of a city ", said Marcelo Ramos.

The "My Living Neighborhood" will act in the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of informal commercial activity. The municipality will identify the persons engaged in commercial activity or the provision of informal services and offer them instructions and basic skills on: commercial management, health standards, economic viability, in addition to sales and marketing techniques and banking activities, and to facilitate the formalization of activities, providing access to financing to these micro and small enterprises, giving them the opportunity to organize themselves to grow.

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