Marcelo Ramos will create School Brigade to bring security to schools in Manaus

The measure is part of the "Safe City", contained in the applicant's government plan.
01/09/2016 16h10 - Updated 1/09/2016 16h10
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From 2017 Manaus City Hall will create the Municipal School Brigade to ensure more security to students from the municipal. The Brigade will act in all 492 local schools. The measure is part of the "Safe City", contained in the candidate's plan of government the mayor Marcelo Ramos, coalition "Change for Change". "We will contest, increase the effective and bring security to schools ", announces or candidate.

The Brigade School aims to provide more security for students, teachers, servers and parents, besides saving more than R $ 20 million spent annually by the current administration, with electronic monitoring systems and private security in public schools in Manaus. This monitoring system has little to no effect, according to Marcelo.

"This money spent per year on monitoring and private security not work. There are daily reports of parents and servers that it does not inhibit the action of vandals and criminals. Another negative factor is that the machine does not create empathy with anyone. The participation and social interaction is key in a security system ", says Marcelo Ramos.

To deploy a brigade School, the new city will be committed to promoting the integration of school and community where it operates, in addition to qualifying the server of the municipal guard who will be trained for socializing in the school environment.

The reduction of costs for the implementation of the School Brigade project will go through a partnership between the Manaus City Hall and the Integrated Center of Amazonas Government Operations (CIOPS), which has advanced electronic monitoring system used since the Cup 2014.

"It makes no sense the City maintain an invoice of more than R $ 20 million in a monitoring system if the government of Amazonas itself already has the entire city of Manaus monitored. It is essential that the City can integrate and establish agreements for the use and expansion of this system for the benefit of students ", said Marcelo Ramos.

The expected results after the implementation of the School Brigade is the direct savings to the end of contracts with private companies, improving the qualification of city servers, (especially in education and metropolitan guard), as well as social workers and psychologists and also prevent problems in schools through the mediation of conflicts with the new school guards.

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