Marcelo turns and wins in the second round by Arthur 10 points difference

Only institute to settle the outcome of the last elections reveals turned Marcelo Ramos.
19/09/2016 12h10 - Updated 20/09/2016 07h46
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O DMP, the only institute that hit the outcome of the election for governor 2014, research released early on Monday in which Marcelo Ramos appears 50,5% and Arthur with 40,8% in runoff scenario. Marcelo wins in all areas of the city, according to figures revealed by Ronaldo Tiradentes in the morning news program.

The survey also reveals that the rejection of Artur increased and now reaches 32,6% voters who declare not vote for Artur in any way, followed by Serafim with 18,1%, Henrique Oliveira with 8,9%, Silas House 8,3%, Marcelo Ramos 7,7%, Hissa Abram 6,7%, Jose Ricardo 4,21%, Luiz Castro 2,8% and Professor Queiroz 2,7%, None of Them / null / White with 6% and say Unsure 2,1%.

In the first round scenario, Arthur appears 38,4% and Marcelo Branches 31,3%. This result also shows the growth of Marcelo Ramos campaign, who appeared with 20% in the first search DMP.
The poll 2 thousand voters in the period 10 a 15 September and is registered at the Superior Electoral Court. The margin of error is 2,2% more or less.

This is the second survey the DMP institute performs these elections. in the first, published day 29 of August, Arthur had 35,7% and Marcelo Ramos 20%. In released today, Artur fluctuates within the margin of error for 37%, while Marcelo shot 20 for 29%. In the first study there was no scenario for second round.
The survey figures show that people want change. Since 2000, no mayor was re-elected in Manaus.

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