interim measure of high school has received more than 560 proposals for changes in the text

The deadline for suggestions for changes ended yesterday, day 29.
30/09/2016 08h08 - Updated 30/09/2016 08h08
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Provisional Measure (MP) 746/2016, which deals with the reform of the national guidelines for high school and was published last week by the Ministry of Education, has received, until the early evening Thursday (29), 567 suggested amendments. The deadline for submission of proposals for changes to the text sent by the Executive Branch ended yesterday in the joint special commission that will examine the MP.

The board has been created, with 13 Members and 13 senators headlines, but it has not been installed. Thereby, They have not yet chosen the chairman and parliamentarian who will report the text and be responsible for reviewing the amendments suggestions. The forecast is that the president is a deputy and a senator rapporteur.

The expectation is that the collegiate start working as soon as lawmakers return from recess caused by white municipal campaigns. This can happen in the next week or only after the end of the second round, if there is no quorum before.

Government proposal

Provisional Measure 746 restructures and eases the mandatory common curriculum of high school in the country and sparked controversy when the government announced it would end with the imposition of disciplines like sociology, philosophy, physical education and arts. By publishing MP, However, it was established that question shall be decided by the Joint National Base Curriculum, which is still being defined. For a while, these disciplines are still required in the current curricula.

The Common National Base Curriculum is a document that, since last year, It is being set, in order to guide and define the content that students should learn at each educational stage. The specific basis for the high school will begin to be discussed next month, according to the Ministry of Education (GUY) and it should be completed by the middle of next year.

By posting on Friday (23) MP, the government made it mandatory for the three years of high school only teaching Portuguese and mathematics. English also becomes mandatory, but not necessarily to the three years.

Other content will be defined by the National Base. To enable this to be done, the government excludes the compulsory teaching of art, philosophy, sociology and physical education in high school.

Changes will probably come from 2018 - According to the text of MP, the second subsequent academic year to the Curricular Base publication date, but it can be anticipated for the first year, provided with at least 180 days between the publication of the National Database and the beginning of the school year. That is, nothing changes in current curricula.

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