Melo manages to R $ 40 million to benefit 30 cities of the Amazon

Cities will benefit from the new phase of the "Water for All".
12/09/2016 14h44 - Updated 13/09/2016 07h40
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Approximately 12,5 Amazon thousand inside the families should benefit from the new phase of the "Water for All". In this Monday, 12 of September, Governor Jose Melo received, in Brasilia (DF), approval of the Ministry of National Integration for the release of the package of R $ 40 the second phase million, will reach 30 cities. Executed by the Secretary of State for the Environment (SCHEMA), the program will look 250 isolated communities and do not have water systems for human consumption.

Jose Melo met with the Minister of Integration, hélder barbalho, the morning to discuss details of the partnership. Half of the package, or equivalent to R $ resources 20 millions, already come into bidding in the coming days, following the schedule agreed with the ministry. The rest of the money will be released in installments as the execution percentage of the "Water for All".

"We are facing a problem of thousands of Amazonian families in socially vulnerable, who live in isolated communities, and often moving kilometers to get water to drink. They are places of difficult access, far from the municipal headquarters, which prevents the connection to the water supply systems of cities. In this case, the solution is to build systems for exclusive service. This initiative brings results in different perspectives: is an action of social inclusion, public health and improving the quality of life ", He emphasized the governor.

The second phase of the "Water for All" is aimed at communities called land. It consists of installing a collection system and groundwater treatment collective supply of families, with the implementation of tubular wells 65 a 100 meters, central reservoir and to delivery network 1 km.

More of 52 thousand people must be met in this new phase, according to SEMA. The program will reach the gutters of the Purus, Solimões, Negro, Middle Amazon, Juruá and Lower Amazon. "We are replacing one form of inadequate consumption and difficult access to this important resource, which is water ", said the secretary of the Amazon Environment, Antonio stroški, accompanying the governor in Brasilia.

In the first stage of the "Water for All", the action was aimed at installation of collection and treatment of rainwater systems in homes. The step must be completed in December, benefiting 10 thousand families. Sixteen municipalities were assisted in the gutters of the Purus, Solimões, Black and middle Amazon, contemplando Beruri, Boca do Acre, Tapauá, Canutama, Labrea, Pauini, Nam, Anori, Caapiranga, Manacapuru, Manaquiri, Barcelos, Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Careiro and Itacoatiara, the installation 10 thousand home visits and systems 404 collective funding, and the replacement of two thousand aluminum by thatched roofs.

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