Militants José Ricardo attack candidate's team Councilman Kleber Romao

One person was injured and was taken to the Hospital 28 of August.
28/09/2016 14h17 - Updated 29/09/2016 07h14
Photo: AM POST

The candidate team to Mayor Jose Ricardo (PT) and candidate for city council Vanja (PCdoB) They assaulted physically and verbally a volunteer from the alderman candidate's campaign, Kleber Romao (THE), while he was distributing campaign material on the morning of Wednesday (28).

According to Kleber team reports they were surprised during flyers delivery action with the arrival of communist militants who immediately began teasing calling them “putschists”, “poor right”, “veadinhos of Romao”, “black bastard”, “fascists”, “Nazis”, “puppies Bolsonaro”, among many other provocations.

The situation got out of control when the candidate José Ricardo withdrew from the site and its militancy apparently driven it, He broke up the team Romao, pushing its members and preventing people registrassem provocations and acts of truculence, who also made a woman was pushed and had broken his cell so he could not record the disgraceful scenes.

A man identified as primarily “Moses” and allegedly belonging to Youth and Joseph's campaign team and Ricardo Vanja, He sets off toward one of the volunteers and assaulted him with a piece of wood and following up evaded site. Besides that, the young man was thrown out on the street with heavy traffic almost being hit by passing vehicles on site.

In the video you can see the Vanja candidate in light homophobic outbreak of hatred and calling the young “Pussy” and sending the same “go to Bo in the women's police station”. After this, the applicant fled the venue accompanied by some aides.

The military police were called and the victim was taken to the Hospital 28 August and once it is released will register police report against the perpetrators of the crimes of racism, injury, slander and then aggression assassination attempt. According to the candidate Kleber Romao its counsel will take appropriate action against the perpetrators.

See the video:

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