Moro says new prison Leo Pinheiro has no relation to whistleblower according

Pinheiro responsible for the offense of corruption, the suspected kickbacks to former Senator Gim Argello.
06/09/2016 09h36 - Updated 6/09/2016 09h36
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The judge of the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, Sergio Moro, he said today (5) the new arrest of the former president of the construction company OAS, Leo Pinheiro, has no relation to the suspension of negotiations of the whistleblower according winning in Operation Lava Jato.

In the decision which authorized the measure, Moro said that the arrest "nothing affects this issue and possible resumption of negotiations". The contractor was arrested today, the second time in Lava Jato, in Sao Paulo, and transferred to the incarceration of the Federal Police in Curitiba.

Not release, Moro also explained that the request for Leo Pinheiro prison was made in March and it took to make the decision to wait for the progress of the investigation.

In the case in which the arrest was fulfilled, Pinheiro responsible for the offense of corruption, the suspected kickbacks to former Senator Gim Argello spreads to the former Petrobras CPI investigations.

"In the evolving education, however, emerged elements, Summary of cognition, towards the occurrence of crime of passive and active corruption, as already mentioned, making it clear the risk to the regular calculation of the accused responsibilities ", He justified the judge.

The contractor is also responsible for alleged involvement of contractors cartel scheme in Petrobras and, supposedly, benefit former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the case of the triplex and the site in Atibaia.

Last month, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) suspended trading for the award-winning tipoff agreement was closed with Leo Pinheiro and construction company executives. The measure was taken by the Attorney General, Rodrigo Janot, after story of Veja Magazine, who reported on a supposed quote the Minister of STF Dias Toffoli.

After disclosure of the publication, Janot said the quote never existed. According to the prosecutor, there is an "external pressure" to force the acceptance of the Agreement.

In addition to the arrest warrant, Leo Pinheiro was targeted on Monday a forceful warrant in Operation Greenfield, investigating fraud in pension funds.

Source: Agency Brazil

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