Live revokes temporary prison Guido Mantega

The Federal Public Ministry and the police authorities were not consulted on the Moro decision.
22/09/2016 14h15 - Updated 22/09/2016 14h15
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro revoked the temporary arrest of the former Minister of Finance, Guido Mantega, held this morning (22), in Sao Paulo, during the 34th stage of Operation Lava Jato, broke out in the early hours of the day. Mantega was taken to the headquarters of the Federal Police in São Paulo.

In justifying the decision to send release the former minister, Moro said, before the health status of the wife of Mantega, and how searches and document seizures in residential and business addresses of the investigation have been made, there is no need to keep the former minister arrested, since it can not interfere in the evidence collection. Moro did not consult the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), or the police authority before making a decision.

To revoke the temporary detention, Moro assured that neither he, or the police or the prosecutors participating in the Lava Jato task force knew that Mantega's wife was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital to undergo surgery, "Due to a serious illness".

Mantega was arrested in the lobby of the Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, early in the morning. He accompanied his wife, who has cancer and was being anesthetized to undergo surgery. According to the lawyer, the police were at 6 in the apartment Mantega, in Pinheiros, West zone, but only found the teen and maid.

To be informed about the arrival of the police, the lawyer instructed, by phone, Mantega who left the operating room and go down to the lobby. "I said: It is better out there, but will generate a riot ", said the lawyer Jose Roberto Batochio. Former minister received under arrest when he was in the lobby.

According to the prosecutor of the Republic Carlos Fernando dos Santos Lima, the former minister is accused of having asked the businessman Eike Batista an amount of R $ 5 million to settle PT's campaign debt. The Federal Police, with support from the Internal Revenue Service, investigating facts related to hiring by Petrobras companies linked to Eike Batista to build two platforms (P-67 e P-70) for oil exploration in the pre-salt layer. Live claims to have evidence that, in April 2013, Eike Batista "would have paid" US $ 2,350 million to Advertiser John Santana and Monica Moura, responsible for the marketing of PT campaigns. The deposit of the amount would be proven by documents in the case file.

Near 180 federal police and 30 tax auditors meet 50 court orders, and 33 search and seizure warrants, new, temporary arrest, and eight forceful in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Bahia and the Federal District.

Besides Mantega, They were temporarily arrested the former president of OSX Luis Eduardo Carneiro and Luis Eduardo Neto, Rubem Maciel da Costa Val, Danilo Sousa Baptista, Luis Eduardo Guimarães Carneiro, Luis Claudio Ribeiro Machado and Francisco Corrales Kindelan . Julio Cesar Oliveira Silva, against whom was also issued an arrest warrant, It is in Spain.

Source: Agency Brazil

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