actor death draws attention to dangers of entering rivers for bathing

Prevention is still the best way to prevent drowning deaths, according to the Fire Department.
16/09/2016 15h45 - Updated 16/09/2016 15h46
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The death of actor Domingos Montagner drew attention to the dangers to which people are exposed when entering rivers for bathing. According to the commander of Subgrupamento Search, Rescue and Water Rescue Sergipe Fire Department, Captain Gideon Oliveira, people end up holding the beauty of nature and forget to assess the risk of the place.

Montagner died yesterday afternoon (15) drowning, while swimming in the Rio São Francisco, in Canindé de São Francisco, in the backlands of Sergipe, in a deep place and stream. The body was found stuck to the stones around 30 meters deep, near the Xingó Plant, in Caninde.

"It is a region with risk and close, due to the river bottom formation. The stones themselves change the direction of water erosion, with circular variations, Rotation areas and forming chains not defined ", said, adding that this happens in all rocks location along the San Francisco.

according to Oliveira, within the safety limits, bathing in place can be quiet. "When it exceeds the limit, missing information, you underestimate the river itself and overestimates his ability [of swimming], all this enhances the risks ", he explained.

Drowning Prevention
Prevention is still the best way to prevent drowning deaths, according to Captain Oliveira, Fire Department. Meet and learn about where they will go, keep water above the waist and wear a lifejacket are some of the guidelines. "Respecting nature and respect his own body", said Oliveira.

Even so, if the person falls on the river, the guidance is not to fight against the current and maintain buoyancy moving towards the bank or waiting for rescue. It is also important that people not trained to avoid entering the water to try to help a victim; they can play some stuff that the other hold or float and should call the doctor immediately.

Source: Agency Brazil

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