MPF / AM Files Lawsuit to force Ibama to hire firefighters to prevent fires in the AM

The measures should be implemented within ten days, after the court decision. In case of non-compliance, MPF asks whether daily aplicada.multa of R $ 5 one thousand.
13/09/2016 11h28 - Updated 13/09/2016 20h34
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The Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon (MPF / AM) He filed a lawsuit in federal court to the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) adopt specific actions to prevent forest fires in the Amazon, in view of the high risk of forest fires with the arrival of the dry season and the occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon, which affects the amount of rainfall in the state.

The lawsuit asks the Ibama, through the National Center for Prevention and Combat of Forest Fires (Prevfogo), be forced to temporarily hire all 1.031 brigade trained by the Amazon Fire Brigade (CBMAM) in the year of 2015, at six months, renewable for up to two years. Besides that, MPF requests that are acquired and made available to firefighters, without bidding, materials, equipment and vehicles needed, as indicated by the Fire Department.

The measures should be implemented within ten days, after the court decision. In case of non-compliance, MPF seeks a daily fine of R $ 5 one thousand, each measure is not adopted, focusing on the personal assets of the president of IBAMA.

The MPF points out that it is for the Ibama, through Prevfogo, the responsibility to run, and to promote and coordinate, fire control actions, preventing and fighting forest fires, comply art. 106, Incidentally I, of Ordinance No. 341/2011 the Ministry of Environment (MMA).

However, State Superintendent of information the Institute indicate that the supervision of the priority is the southern Amazon. For Greater Manaus (RMM), which suffered from the effects of smoke generated by the burning of 2015 and already points increase in log fires, Ibama said it had no budget to hire firefighters.

In 2015, the 1.031 forest firefighters, trained by the fire department, They acted voluntarily in the interior of the municipalities in the expectation of remuneration of awareness, what did not happen. "The brigade members must be hired to start their paid activities as soon as possible. Otherwise, It is uncertain their participation in this year. It's time to Ibama assume its responsibility for the problem of forest fires in the Amazon ", says Attorney Rafael Rocha, responsible for action.

increased risk - According to the Program Burning data, the National Institute for Space Research (inpe), They were recorded 6.634 outbreaks of fires in the Amazon, January until 7 September this year. The number is already 17% higher than the same period last year, which recorded large number of forest fires and the city of Manaus was shrouded in smoke during the months of September and October.

Greenpeace commented on the problem of fires in the Amazon, with special emphasis on the Amazon situation. For the non-governmental organization, the scenario in the state is particularly unfavorable combination of the three factors: low commitment to environmental management, tolerance to deforestation and lack of planning to deal with the problem.

Other data considered in the lawsuit indicates that the year 2016 should be drier in the Amazon as compared to years 2005 e 2010, periods of severe drought in the region, according to researchers at the American Space Agency (on).

In addition to air pollution, that accelerates global warming, fires pose a serious environmental problem and cause the loss of biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, which houses over 30 thousand species of plants and lush fauna, including endangered animals. Besides that, inhalation of smoke seriously affects the health of people living in nearby regions, causing breathing problems, allergy symptoms and eye irritation.

MPF's actions

Faced with the worsening of fires in the Amazon recorded in 2015, MPF convened a public hearing, in November of that year, to discuss public policies for prevention and control of fires in the Amazon. At the end of the hearing, one of the referrals defined was the creation of a committee to monitor the burned, bringing together public agencies, experts and civil society.

The formal hiring brigade trained by the Fire Department was one of the needs identified by the committee members. In compliance with decision, MPF has asked the government of Amazonas to manifest the possibility of formalizing agreements with municipalities to develop actions to combat and prevent the fires at the municipal level, where municipalities would agree to hire firefighters and acquire materials, if they were not provided by the state.

The Secretary of State for the Environment (Schema) He reported that proposed the formalization of institutional cooperation agreements for integrated action, but there was no interest from municipal managers.

The lawsuit is the 7th Federal Court in Amazonas, under the number 0013678-61.2016.4.01.3200.

Source: MPF-AM

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