Women make symbolic embrace in Largo and demonstrate hope for change with Marcelo Ramos

The event was an initiative of Maranhão Juliana Ramos, Marcelo woman, they have in their government plan several proposals aimed at the public.
25/09/2016 14h39 - Updated 25/09/2016 14h45
Photo: Michelll Mello

Hope, peace and unity was demonstrated in a symbolic embrace in Largo de São Sebastião on Saturday afternoon (24). The event was an initiative of Maranhão Juliana Ramos, candidate's wife for mayor of Manaus, Marcelo Ramos (PR), along with the women's group "United We Are More", formed by the candidate's wife deputy mayor, Joshua Neto, Andreza Souza, and women involved in the coalition campaign "Change for Change", woman beyond the PR.

Or event, which also had the participation of Marcelo Ramos, Joshua Neto and former first lady, Nejmi Aziz, moved to later in the Largo de São Sebastião, in Manaus center with about 500 people.

By Juliana Ramos command, women joined hands and made a large circle around the central monument of the Plaza de San Sebastian and then made a big "22" human.

"This symbolic embrace in the city of Manaus means an act of gratitude to the people who welcomed us with open arms, with care in all areas of the city. And also is a hug those people where we can not reach because of the short time of this year's campaign, but possibly, We will be visiting in a second round. We have a lot of faith in that!”, said Juliana Ramos.

Women have always had special place in the proposals submitted by Marcelo Ramos. His government plan includes important programs such as "Learning Time" that allows mothers to leave their children in a school environment full time so they can work; the "Mother Program" which aims to provide exams with special attention to pregnant women can have access to quality testing and appropriate follow-up, among others.

"This act is also the empowerment of women, the struggle for the vote and also represents the will of the change by a better Manaus, of hope and transformation and that we see in Marcelo (Ramos), in addition to the confidence that united, and we are more united on 2 October will make this transformation happen for the good of our city ", Aziz said Nejmi.

Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto thanked the involvement of women. Marcelo spoke of the importance they have on your life. "My mother took care of my own brothers and me, when my father died. She was always a great battler. E, as she, my grandmother, my sister, my wife and all women who today have shown here that force a symbolic embrace, full of hope for a better Manaus ", set Marcelo Ramos.

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