Fine of R $ 50 thousand per day requires Artur Neto to fulfill court decision and take the TV charges against Marcelo Ramos

Artur respond to a new trial for disobedience to court order in addition to paying a fine of R $ 10 thousand for having kept for two more days programs.
24/09/2016 14h48 - Updated 24/09/2016 14h48
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Mayor Arthur Neto will respond to another process in this election period, this time for failing the decision of the judges of the Regional Electoral Court advertisement, who sent remove the TV campaign programs that tried to link the image of his opponent, Marcelo Ramos, the operation "Bad Paths" Federal Police (PF). A initial fine of R $ 5 thousand increased to R $ 50 thousand by the decision of noncompliance day.

Even sentenced to withdraw the TV advertising and radio, Mayor Arthur Neto kept for two more days programs being served and will pay a fine of R $ 10 one thousand, In addition to responding to a new trial for disobedience to court order.

Judge of Careen Fernandes advertising understood that offended campaign pieces personally the candidate Marcelo Ramos, Arthur's opponent in the campaign. "Although it is tolerable criticism from different points of view and to some extent inevitable, in the case in, At my point of view, Propaganda, this incipient moment, seems to slip into the candidate's personal orb Marcelo Ramos, in which it intends to link the image of that majority to the operation of the Federal Police ", says the judge in the decision section.

In another defeat in court, Artur Neto, had the fine for noncompliance with the decision increased to R $ 50 one thousand. Without money, the toucan felt in my pocket the increase of the fine and removed air advertisements.



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