On TV, Fearing cites reforms and will “Replacing the Brazil on track”

During five minutes you speech, President justified certain actions taken while as interim president.
01/09/2016 09h10 - Updated 1/09/2016 09h10
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In an address to the nation on national radio and television network, President Michel Temer said his commitment to “Replacing the Brazil on track”, make reforms such as the pension and asked the cooperation of the Brazilian to take Brazil than classified as a “serious crisis”.

in the statement, recorded after the approval of the impeachment of Rousseff Senate, Temer said he takes office definitely after “democratic and transparent decision” National Congress.

During five minutes you speech, President justified certain actions taken while as interim president, including the proposal to establish the ceiling for public spending, and said that if there is no social security reform, “in a few years the government will not pay pensioners”.

“I am aware of the size and weight of responsibility that I carry on shoulders. I say this because we have received the country steeped in a serious economic crisis: are almost 12 million unemployed and more than R $ 170 billion deficit in the public accounts. My commitment is to recover the strength of our economy and replace the Brazil on track”, said the president.

Temer also defended the modernization of labor laws and preached again the pacification of the country. He reminded the adjustment of the benefit of the Bolsa Família as an example of the expansion of social programs and said the success of the Olympic Games rescued the self-esteem of Brazilians “before the world”.

The president also promised dialogue with “all sectors of society” and he said he will respect the independence of the Three Powers. “Present and future challenge us. We can not look forward, with the eyes of the past. My only interest, and that I regard as a matter of honor, is to deliver to my successor a country reconciled, pacified and growth rate. a country that gives pride to its citizens. Order and progress always go together. And with the certainty that together, Brazil will make a much better. may believe”, He concluded Temer.

Source: Agency Brazil

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