on the web: meet some of the new candidates the most influential alderman in social networks

AM POST visited the profiles of new candidates for alderman of Manaus and will show you some of the most influential web.
28/09/2016 14h54 - Updated 28/09/2016 14h57
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Amid a tumultuous political scene still very nationally, with election campaign period reduced by half and voters increasingly multiconectados, social networks have become an important place to start discussions on the municipal dispute. Among the new candidates for councilor with great influence in social networks vying for election in Manaus this year stands out: Kleber Romao (THE), Liliane Araújo (PR) e Diego Afonso (PDT).

Kleber Romao, is a phenomenon in social networks with almost 25 thousand followers in all your media. Their opinions are firm and, Here and there, bravas. The candidates know well use the web to discuss their ideas and transmit their proposals. His irreverent way has attracted many fans and followers who can be reversed on votes.

Before play one elective office, Romao, It has been highlighted in social networks for reporting acts of corruption and not be afraid to defend their ideals and this year decided to enter the election fray.

A candidate, Liliane Araújo, which was already known in the media for being baré TV journalist Amazon for over ten years and presented some of the TV news station it is also very prestigious on the Internet.

With the influence of television, Liliane, It stands out in networks and communicates to an audience of over 42 thousand followers in the digital world where it presents its proposals peacefully.

Diego Afonso, with more than 18 thousand followers not Facebook and 9.920 Instagram appears as a range of candidate meaning in the digital world. While not as commented and without much media power as previous candidates it takes your pages to publicize your campaign and attract new voters.

No doubt the free electoral propaganda on radio and TV has lost a great space for social networks that came to occupy a major slices of the planning disclosure of candidates and has been the main ally to attract supporters. There is no denying the importance of the digital world in social activism and increasing society's participation in politics.

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