New research shows draw Arthur and Marcelo in the 1st round and Marcelo victory in the 2nd

According to research, Marcelo defeat the current mayor with 50,5% two votes against 39,2%.
26/09/2016 09h29 - Updated 26/09/2016 15h01
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The Network Tiradentes released the results of its fourth search for the elections this year. in search, to be published on Monday (26), the current mayor running for reelection, Arthur Neto (PSDB) It appears in decline with a drop of 2,5 percentage points in the intention to vote in stimulated research, that is, the previous toucan appeared with 36% intentions, but now it appears 33,5%.

In the first study, published day 9 of August, Arthur appeared with 35,7% and then fell to 33,1% no dia 25 the same month and the third poll day 15 September had 36% intentions.

In turn, Marcelo Ramos (PR) He kept the intention of votes in the range of 29,3% of voting intentions. In the first study of Tiradentes Network, Ramos had 21,8%, then dropped to 20,8%, but grew in September 8,5 points, coming in 29% vote intentions.

The result would Arthur and Marcelo for the second round is a technical draw 33,5% (Arthur) Against 29% (Marcelo).

Compare the percentages of other candidates. The percentage of the first research on 9 August and Monday. check it:

Henrique Oliveira (SDD) - from 7,9% for 4,5%.
Hissa Abraham (PDT) - from 7,3% for 5,1%.
Silas House (PRB) - from 10,3% for 5,8%.
Jose Ricardo (PT) - from 2,1% for 6%.
Antonio Queiroz (PSOL) and Luiz Castro (Network) still have only 1%.


According to the survey, the electorate's rejection in relation to Arthur Neto increased 1,8 percentage point in a week. Until last week he had bounce 32,6% and now the total is 34,4%. In the simulation of which candidate could defeat Arthur, Marcelo Ramos is the only according to research.

Research shows that it would defeat the current mayor with 50,5% two votes against 39,2%. Regarding the valid votes, the advantage of Ramos on the toucan expands to 12,5 pp: 56,3% Against 43,7%.

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