OAB-AM distributes Consumer Rights manual in Manaus Center launches campaign Mero Annoyance Has Value

The action covers the whole country and marks the celebration of 26 years of the Consumer Protection Code.
12/09/2016 14h02 - Updated 12/09/2016 14h02
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Lawyers took the Sunday morning (11) and they made the release on Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue Crafts Fair, Campaign "Mero Annoyance has value", conducted by Consumer Law Commission of the Order of Amazonas sectional Brazil Lawyers (CDC / OAB-AM) in partnership with PROCONs, State Prosecutor's Office (MPE-AM) and Public Defender (DPE). The action covers the whole country and marks the celebration of 26 years of the Consumer Protection Code.

During the launch, Order members distributed the second edition of the Consumer Rights Manual and guided consumers and merchants on the subject. The vice president of the OAB-AM, Adriana Mendonça, He spoke about the importance of the approximation of the Order with the population. "This is a targeted action to society, so we OAB needed out of our office and go to the streets to take the campaign to which the consumer is ", said.

Rosely Fernandes, Executive Secretary of the State PROCON Amazon – one of the OAB-AM partners in the campaign, He drew attention to the achievements made since the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) It entered into force and underscored the importance of the partnership between the bodies responsible for initiative. "Over the 26 years of CDC validity we have obtained many achievements, as the creation of PROCONs, the ombudsmen, of customer care services (SACs), among others. We still have much to do, and marriage agencies that militate in consumer protection is essential for all the challenges are exceeded ", said Fernandes.

After learning of the campaign on television, the consumer Glade Peña decided to go to the city center and get more information about their rights with the OAB-AM team. "I find this very important initiative because it provides information that often we do not know consumers. Many times we go to the shops and are not well attended or do not have the necessary information during the purchase of a product and do not know what to do. This user manual will certainly clarify many doubts ", said Peña.

During a next week, members of the Consumer Law Commission will be present in courts and shopping malls of the capital targeting the population and distributing the second edition of Consumer Guide.

According to the President of the Commission, Salum Marco, the campaign is part of a series of actions that seek to alert society and bring debates that focus on consumer rights.

"We need to raise these issues and make the supply of goods and services companies start to treat the CDC as a social achievement. Our goal is to make every citizen a spokesman of the laws and codes, so that maybe one day, we have a more just society ", concluded Salum.

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