OAB promotes Caravan for compliance with the prerogatives of lawyers

The pioneering event will be held on 15 e 16 of September.
15/09/2016 09h39 - Updated 15/09/2016 09h39
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The Federal Council of the Bar Association of Brazil, through the National Defence Committee of Privileges and Exploitation of Law, done on days 15 e 16 September the first to Amazonas State Privileges Caravan. The activity will be held in Manaus.

The Caravan of Privileges, that has come Paraná, Santa Catarina and Tocantins, of seeking to identify and combat disregard for professional prerogatives of lawyers, promoting professional dignity, the inviolability of offices, the confidentiality of communications, the enhancement of law and fair fees.
The national president of the OAB, Claudio Lamachia, He stressed the importance of caravans. "It is vital to demonstrate to society the importance of what the defense lawyer's profession prerogatives, that is the defense's own citizens. When the lawyer requires that federal law 8.906/94 be fulfilled, it is demanding on behalf of the citizens it represents. That is why, We want to take this range of OAB system to work jointly and to show that the Order of the Federal Council not only is in Brasilia, he interacts and goes where the lawyer is and who participates in the national law life ", he said.

Participate in the Caravan still the president of the National Defense Committee of Privileges, Jarbas Vasconcelos, or national prerogatives Attorney, Charles Dias, and board members of the Amazon Sectional, besides militant lawyers of the State.

Lamachia lamented the disregard the prerogatives has also been very common. "We have many cases of breaching professional advocacy prerogatives. And this worries because when it disrespects the profession prerogatives, You are disrespecting democracy itself. Society can sometimes do not understand the word prerogative and may associate it with the idea that it is a privilege for lawyer, but it is not. This is a guarantee of the defense exercise that every Brazilian citizen have to have. The legal profession is endowed with some prerogatives exactly what the lawyer can say what often ordinary people can not say ", said Lamachia.

The president of the sectional Amazon, Marco Aurélio Choy, He drew attention to the importance of the event in the struggle for freedom of labor law professional. "We are doing this event in our state in search of freedom of guarantee in the exercise of our profession. It is from this freedom that we will be able to exercise our function in the best way and ensure the rights of citizens ", He stressed.

See below for the full schedule of Caravan of Privileges on Amazon:

15 of September

8h – Visit the Labour Forum
10h – Fórum Ministro Enoch Travel
11h – Federal Court
Lunch break
13h30 – Visit the Public Vidal Person Chain
15h30 – Prison Complex Anísio Jobim (Compaj)
16h30 – Provisional Female Detention Center (CDP)

16 of September

9h – Public Hearing in the auditorium of OAB / AM with the presence of the President of the Federal Bar Association Council, Claudio Lamachia and members of the National Defense Committee of Privileges and Exploitation of Law.
11h – Room opening of OAB / AM at the Superintendency of the Federal Police.

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