Omar accuses Arthur of spreading rumors linking him Operation “evil Ways”

for Senator, rumors reveal “electoral despair” Arthur group.
21/09/2016 15h11 - Updated 21/09/2016 15h21
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Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) He accused the candidate for re-election in Manaus, Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB), and people connected to him and Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB) to be spreading on the Internet rumors suggesting his involvement and their families in Operation “evil Ways” Federal Police. Omar said that the rumors have electoral goals, and will take steps to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable.

“I have identified an action in social networks to try to involve my name with electoral goals. The people who did this type of attack will be held accountable. This is pure evil and I will accuse: It is Arthur who is planting it. I see in the comments people connected to Eduardo Braga attacking Arthur and now are attacking me. This practice is known. I know where these things are done”, said Omar. “This is desperation who knows he is losing the election for Marcelo. Then he tries to bring this situation, but it has nothing to do. Arthur is calling on TV not to mess with family, but it is the first”, completed.

In an interview with TV Amazon on Tuesday (20), Mayor Arthur linked the name of Omar and the governor Jose Melo (PROS) Operation Maus Paths. “"I'm happy with this complaint reaches his government (Omar Aziz) e do Melo”, said Arthur.

Omar told the AM Post that neither he nor his family are targets of investigations. “This operation does not reach us in any way. Neither I nor my wife have involvement, let alone relatives involved”, he said.

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