October Rose will be officially opened on Friday (30)

No Amazon, the campaign draws attention to the importance of prevention of cervical cancer.
26/09/2016 18h17 - Updated 26/09/2016 18h17
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The Amazonas State Control Center Foundation (FCecon), State Government agency, promotes, not next day 30 (Friday), to 18h, the opening movement prevention for breast and cervical, Pink October. The event will take place in front of the headquarters of the institution, na rua Francisco Orellana, Dom Pedro, Midwest zone of Manaus, with the presence of guests and the lighting of the health unit building with pink, symbolizing, worldwide, the fight against malignant breast tumors, the most incidents among women.

No Amazon, the campaign also draws attention to the importance of prevention of cervical cancer, which most affects the female population in the State, said the CEO of the Foundation, surgeon Marco Antonio Ricci. He recalls that, locally, the movement includes the participation of NGOs to support the fight against cancer, such as the League Against Cancer Amazonense (LACC), Network Women Against Cancer, Integration Center Breast Friends (Greece), Lar das Marias, Support Group for Women Mastectomized Amazon (Gamma), besides the Brazilian Society of Mastology section Amazonas, among others. Nationally, the coordination of the movement is in charge of the Brazilian Federation of Philanthropic Institutions to Support Breast Health (For failure).

At the time of opening, the choir of the State Department of Finance (Sefaz) and the band of the Navy of Brazil will present to the audience. The company Eucatur Road Transport, partner movement in recent years, developing a critical awareness work, It will also participate in the exhibition of his pink bus, already known to circulate through the capital's streets in the period.

"The State Government, through the Secretary of State for Health (Sesame), It has been supporting initiatives like this, seeking to raise awareness about the need for prevention. To stimulate this kind of care strengthens oncology policy in the Amazon and reinforces attention. Another action that should be emphasized and valued is the HPV vaccination, virus that enhances the appearance of cervical cancer. The disease put Amazon at the top of the national ranking, as the Brazilian state with the highest number of cases. Our goal is to change this situation as soon as possible ".

public and private institutions also adhere to the annual campaign, in October, integrating a vast program aimed at prevention. In this year, the municipalities of Iranduba, Tabatinga and Manacapuru, They confirmed the illumination of public buildings in the villages to support the movement, said the state coordinator of Oncology Care, Nurse Marilia Muniz.

In capital, second Muniz, They have expressed support for the Secretariat of State for Education and Social Assistance (Seduc and Seas, respectively), the Women's Institute Dona Lindu - linked to the Department of Health (Sesame) -, Amazon Legislature (hazard), 7or Regional Air Command (Comar), Ambev and Navy of Brazil. All will follow the example of FCECON and brighten your rose plants, except for the Navy, that will brighten the hospital support ship Dr. Montenegro.

"The Navy has prepared a schedule, do 5 per day 24 of October, for the free performance of mammograms and Pap preventive examinations in riverine women of the Purus. In the days 10 e 11, women Beruri will also benefit by offering mammograms. It is an important partnership, which leads prevention and assistance to areas of difficult access in the state ", he explained Muniz.

in Seduc, which promotes the opening of the house day campaign 3 of October, the Women Against Cancer Network, one of the founders of the NGO movement in the Amazon, make an exhibition of products produced by voluntary, whose value will revert to the aid of cancer patients of low income in the State. Between the days 1 e 15, the entity will set up a stand in Manauara Shopping, for the same purpose.

The latest projection released by the National Cancer Institute (Inca), under the Ministry of Health, It points out that breast and cervical, together, should affect 1.120 women in Amazonas, in 2016, or equivalent 40,43% of total cancer estimated for the period in females.

The data indicate that, compared to national figures, Amazonas exceeds the national average for cases of cervical cancer and is down with regard to breast cancer. In the crude incidence rate, They are planned for the state 53 cases of cervical cancer each 100 thousand women, 34 diagnoses more than the national average. No reverse direction, the breast cancer estimated for the same ratio is 39 cases, 40 unless the national projection, which according to CEO of FCECON, still represents an unfavorable scenario.

"When we talk about crude incidence rate, the numbers still scare. That is why, the importance of calling attention to this problem, informing women that they should do mammograms from the age indicated, self-examination of breasts to eventually detect changes that may be investigated to lead to early diagnosis and, mainly, the realization of preventive screening Pap smear annually, from the beginning of sexual life. It aids in the detection of precursor lesions of cervical cancer, more easily treatable ", said the CEO of FCECON, Marco Antonio Ricci.

A mammogram is recommended for women aged 50 e 69 years. Women with breast cancer family history should start annual routine exams 10 years before the age at which the cancer was diagnosed in the family.

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