Ombudsman OAB-AM is considered one of the best-equipped country

The recognition of the sectional work at national level is a major breakthrough.
14/09/2016 13h50 - Updated 14/09/2016 15h29
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The Ombudsman's Order of Brazil Sectional Amazon lawyers was highlighted during the Ombudsmen III National Meeting of the Bar Association of Brazil, held earlier this month in Brasilia. The recognition was given for the work done by the class and society in general, It is considered one of the best-equipped country.

According to the Ombudsman General of OAB / AM, Glen Wild, recognition of the sectional work at national level is a major breakthrough, and demonstrates that the OAB / AM is looking to the future and providing all necessary conditions for the ombudsman function well.

“We have all that is needed to perform our work efficiently, we have one of the most modern internal regulations of Brazil, which became a reference for other ombudsmen in the country. We can say that we are at the forefront in relation to the care of ombudsmen in Brazil”, he said. Wilde also stressed the importance of support from the President of the OAB / AM, Marco Aurélio Choy, for the proper functioning of the ombudsman sectional.

With a team of ombudsmen General, ombudsmen Deputy, a secretary, 12 auxiliary ombudsmen and an intern, OAB-AM Ombudsman offers fast services to the population through various channels, including service via Whatsapp and duty on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

We last six months, They were carried out by the Ombudsman of the OAB-AM 873 visits, including 416 emails answered, 213 called by duty cell, 190 calls by landline, 22 External steps in support of other committees and 32 mediations between lawyers and clients.

Also according to Wilde, the search for excellence in service approaches Society Order, that is the institution a partnership. “Always received compliments from the people and seek to solve problems that people can not personally resolve as quickly as possible. The maximum term of ombudsmen response to the population required by the Federal Council is 15 days. Here at Amazon, Our goal is to always respond within 24 hours”, He stressed.

During or event, ombudsmen throughout the country developed a joint letter with proposals for improvements and suggestions for changes in the Provision N. 123/2007, on the establishment of the Ombudsman General of the Federal Council of the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB).

Glen assessed the national meeting positively and regarded as fertile ground for the emergence of new ideas, as, for example, the possibility of implementing a core legal practices in OAB / AM, through which scholars of law schools could offer assistance to the needy population of the state, among others.

Among the main proposals gathered by ombudsmen of OAB are still enhancement and improvement of the Provision 123/2007, the creation of devices that regulate the operation of Ombudsmen Sectionals in general, the search for new agreements with Judiciary, Executive power, Legislative power, Defender, public ministry, among other organs.

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