In fall in research, Artur Neto hides Braga on TV show

Before bitterest enemies, Arthur Braga and find it difficult now to explain the strange union.
02/09/2016 16h22 - Updated 2/09/2016 16h35
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The electoral programs of Artur Neto's reelection campaign shamelessly hide Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB), which closed alliance with the mayor and appointed Mark Rotta for vice presidential candidate. Before bitterest enemies, Arthur and Braga have difficulty now to explain the strange union. And the result already appears in the polls: Arthur is already champion in rejection, overcoming including Serafim Correa, and their voting intentions percentage falls each new survey released. To prevent further damage to your campaign, Artur rifou Braga its electoral program. A week ago in the air with the canvass, Braga has not yet appeared only once.

Who is benefiting from the situation is Marcelo Ramos, coalition candidate “Change to Transform”, which has recorded steady growth in all research and Artur win in a clash in the second round.

This week was released a third research firm Punctual, registered in the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-AM) with the number 04533/2016, no dia 23 of August, put Artur Neto with 27,59% of the vote; Ramos comes with Marcelo 14,35%. The research Punctual shows that in the second round Marcelo Ramos candidate wins the election with 37,6% in a dispute against the mayor Arthur Neto, that would 35,7% of the vote.

The scenario is increasingly falling Artur Neto over the research. in the first, the Spot, in 2 of August, Artur Neto appeared with 28,4%; the second survey rose to 30,65%, but now it appears 3 percentage points lower, 27,59%. Already Marcelo Ramos appears to grow. I had in the first round 10,1%, it was 13% and now reaches 14,3% of voting intentions.

A crisis
The disappearance of Braga of television calls and walks the mayor Artur re-election campaign has started making noise in social networks and fair conversations. Stamped PMDB Figure, the party secretary, Miguel Capobiango, It has been seen daily in the PMDB municipal headquarters.

Sources from both groups are quick to mention that the toucan is holding the appearance of Braga to prevent voter antipathy. In the networks members are sharing a video where Artur Neto calls Eduardo Braga responsible for holding money in the federal government and disrupt the Manaus City Hall.

"I can not talk to mince words. Senator Eduardo Braga, which is a highly destructive figure, the time put your finger on the breath that would not come here for resources Manaus. It gives good name and shame ", Arthur said the Netherlands Portal. The toucan goes further and goes on to say that, the former president Dilma still in charge, "Eduardo Braga would make her late", referring to the transfer of funds.

"What the mayor is trying to hide is inevitable. Senator Eduardo Braga has not the same prestige of Manaus voters. The crisis of former President Dilma and the position of Braga in favor of the Federal Government and against Manaus Prefecture are known to all. So, Mayor ta seeking to hide the senator ", says a source of Compensates.

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