Partnership between Seduc and Ufam takes students to learn Spanish from the current topics of discussion

The partnership takes place from 2010 and is part of Curricular Activity Program of Ufam Extension.
20/09/2016 07h17 - Updated 20/09/2016 07h17
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In a way to combine the study of Spanish language with relevant topics such as health and environment, students of the State School Eunice Serrano Telles de Souza, in Manaus Center, They participated in two projects developed activities in the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust): "Tertúlias of the Spanish Language: taking care of health " (The Spanish language talk shows: health nursing) and "Tertúlias of the Spanish Language: taking care of the environment " (The Spanish language talk shows: Taking care of the enviroment).

The partnership between Ufam and the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc) happens from 2010, second says the coordinator of the project, Prof. Dr. Wagner Barros Teixeira. The projects are part of the Curricular Activity Program Ufam extension and is applied with Letters of course academics – Spanish language.

According to Wagner Teixeira coordinator, one of the aspects worked on projects, It is that the course graduates develop activities with students from public schools and community, adapting the content they learn in the classroom.

"This activity is very relevant, because students have the opportunity to discuss and participate in actions involving cross-cutting issues, of great social interest, such as health and environment, besides being able to increase their level of vocabulary in Spanish Language. All activities are adapted to the reality of the students and based on the contents that are worked on a daily basis ", said Professor Wagner, explaining that since 2010, but of 30 projects under their coordination have been worked with students of the state.

Exchange of experiences

Professor of Spanish Language School in Eunice Serrano, Josefa Fernandes da Silva, He explained that the activity has been very well accepted by the students and that has favored their learning.

"Activities like this are very important, They extend the learning level of students and these projects, in particular, They work on issues important to the formation of these young, also enabling them to improve their vocabulary and linguistic production of the Spanish Language discipline ", told school teacher.

"Besides this knowledge acquired, students still have the opportunity to experience the work done by students who are in higher education, knowing a little of the reality of what is to be in a university, as soon they will be joining the college ", also commented Professor Josefa.

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