Parties are betting on “new faces” to try to spot in CMM

Municipality of Manaus had an index 56% of renewal in elections 2012.
14/09/2016 18h33 - Updated 14/09/2016 18h33
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of 1.408 candidates vying for one of the 41 chairs at City Hall of Manaus (CMM), at least 462 They are in their first contest for elective office, according to data from Applications Dissemination System of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). The commitment of the parties in “new faces” It is a common strategy in elections, using the candidate's popularity to win votes.

In the elections of 2012 the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) We had an index 56% of renovation. More than half of the council members who were trying to re-election had to leave the chair. Between the 41 elected, 23 were beginners. Thinking about these numbers, the bet for 'new faces’ turned strategy of the parties and coalitions. And for that, the more popular best.

Among the candidates vying for the first time elections this year, They are: psychologist Adriana Guimarães (PSD), businessman Kleber Romao (THE), Dallas businessman Son (PMDB), and DJ Raidi Rebello (PTN).

Or candidate Kleber Romao (THE) It is also known for his controversial manifestations and mainly to staunch position against the former president Lula and Dilma Rousseff, Both PT, and also against the PCdoB. One of the most famous episodes was the complaint that the PCdoB was using the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) to campaign against the opening of the impeachment process of President Dilma, in May this year. Romao was prevented from participating in the democratic debate that was going on in the institution, because it was in favor of preventing the president away, and it came to be taunted by people linked to PCdoB.

Romao also participated in all the acts in Brasilia in favor of Impeachment. Before that, Romao was known for denouncing acts of corruption, but he never played before elective office, but this year decided to join the fray.

O DJ Raidi Rebello which was already known in the media, with a career of more than 30 years as Dee Jay and title, won in 2011, best DJ Brazil. He is also a businessman in Manaus and broadcaster. Rebello has not had applied before, but this year decided to risk the election this year.

Dallas Son, He is the son of Wanderley Dallas State Representative (PMDB), Parliamentary known for proposals of little relevance, Most creating holidays, and its surface positions in the Assembly. Dallas father is pastor, and he was elected with the help of the church, now attempts to topple his son in Alderman wave.

A psychologist Adriana Guimarães, 35, born in Manaus, also competes his first election. as a psychologist, is fierce advocate of improved psychosocial care provided in public health units.

Curious names

To win the voter, some curious names are also used to draw attention and win votes. The TSE system found some curious and: Arigo (PPS), Bambi do Samba (PSDC), Banana (PDT, Gorda (PV), Bin Laden (PRTB) and Mustache of Road (PMB).


It is common for parties and candidates choose to release people known in the media, or with a certain degree of popularity in its segment to get votes. Release candidates with nicknames and different names, It is also an attraction for the voter. This however does not mean that everyone has the same ability to have a good mandate and fight for the interests of the population. It is for the voter to evaluate not only names or popularity, but work, life story and proposals, mainly.

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