Research shows that Marcelo Ramos extends advantage and wins in the second round with 56%

Marcelo grows and matures in the second round with Arthur 13 point lead in the first round and there is a technical tie between the two main candidates.
26/09/2016 14h59 - Updated 27/09/2016 08h01
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Research Institute DMP / Tiradentes, the one who hit the results of the last elections, shows that Marcelo Ramos continues to grow. If elections were held today, Artur Neto and Marcelo Ramos would be technically tied in the first round (36,3% e 31,5%, respectively two valid votes). In a simulation of runoff, Marcelo turns and would today 56,3% Against 43,7% Artur Neto, a difference of 12,6 pp. "It's the feeling of change that is gaining more and more hearts and minds in all areas of the city. The people know that I am prepared and have viable proposals to the safe and transformative change that needs to Manaus ", said Marcelo Ramos.

The research of DMP / TIRADENTES, held between 20 e 23 of September, It is registered in the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-AM), under No.1003 / 2016, and also indicates that Serafim Correa comes third with 6,8%, followed by José Ricardo with 6,5%, Silas House (6,3%), Part Abrão (5,6%), Henrique Oliveira (4,9%), Luiz Castro (1,3%) Queiroz and with 0,9%.

Another highlight of the survey DPM / TIRADENTES is the rejection rate of applicants. While only has Marcelo 9,5%, the current mayor leads with a historical index 34,4% of voters who would not vote for his re-election in any way.

"It is proof that Manaus rejects the administration of the current mayor and not give up the change. A management that managed for the benefit of a few, who abandoned the suburbs, ended social projects, not built schools, did BRT, so little 25 full-time schools, as 110 creches, the 25 km bike path and even expanded the health program of Family, although I had R $ 5 billion more than the previous mayor. There was no lack of money, left incompetence ", said candidate.

Marcelo said the challenge now is to strengthen the campaign to maintain growth in all areas of the city. "This research only encourages us to work harder, with feet on the ground ", said, believing that it is possible to reach the second round to the front of the current mayor. "We have to win, but we claw, determination, humility and a government program that has been embraced by the population ", completed.

The results of new research from DMP / Tiradentes has fall of Mayor Arthur Neto. Since previous research, made between days 11 a 15 of September, the current mayor had 36 pp, while the new research, the mayor trying reelection fell to 33,5%.

Meanwhile, Marcelo Ramos is the candidate fastest growing in all published research to date. He has shown a campaign 'down to earth', talking directly to voters, exposing their proposals and showing clearly who knows the Manaus problems.

"We are proposing a possible administration and we will not promise anything preposterous because I always have a lot of responsibility with what I say. Our people are tired of unreasonable promises. Now it's time to put a stop to the fallacy and the day 2 of October, Manaus will vote for the safe and transformative change ", said Marcelo Ramos.
The research of DMP / Tiradentes heard 1.240 voters and was registered in the TER-AM with the number 1003/2016.





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