Research shows that tourists stay in Brazil during approve Paralimpíada

According to the survey, for 87,8% Travelers walking met or exceeded expectations and 90,5% They say they want to return to the country.
16/09/2016 09h09 - Updated 16/09/2016 09h09
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Preliminary results of research, released today (16), the Ministry of Tourism, shows that services such as food, accommodation and nightlife had more than 95% approval of foreign public who came to Brazil to Paralimpíada. According to the survey, for 87,8% Travelers walking met or exceeded expectations and 90,5% They say they want to return to the country.

Director of Economic Studies and Research of the Ministry of Tourism, José Francisco Salles, considers positive search results and says the Rio de Janeiro, specifically, It proved to be prepared to grow in terms of tourism.

"In addition to a possible return of those who were here in the period, these people will make the country's propaganda abroad. When asked if Brazil is a country where you can do a good tourism, they will say yes and go, inclusive, show that it is good to be in any part of Brazil, especially in the state of Rio de Janeiro ", said the director of the Agency Brazil.

Salles said that the image of Rio is being widely distributed to millions of people worldwide, which is also factor in attracting tourists. "The willingness of foreigners to travel sure Brazil will increase".

The Paralympic Games were the reason for travel 54,1%, of tourists who arrived in Rio in the period. these, 55,4% were spectators, 14,2% public without admission, 13,5% technical committee, athletes or referees.

According to the survey, the main tourist source countries were the United States (18,2%), The Spain (15,5%), Argentina, France (6,1% each one) and Germany (5,4%). Another fact revealed is that 56,5% tourists made use of the visa waiver, granted by the Brazilian government in the period of the games.

Among the foreign visitors, 59,5% first came to the country in this period. They visited, addition of Rio de Janeiro, more 33 Brazilian municipalities.

Items related to competitions also had good evaluation of foreign. The prices of the Paralympics tickets registered approval 95,3%, the overall organization, from 93%, and infrastructure, 85,9%. Meanwhile, prices in the period of the Olympics had lower approval, from 80%.

The average length of stay of foreign visitors was 10,8 nights, with daily spending of US $ 87.86

For the Acting Minister of Tourism, Alberto Alves, the numbers prove the great success of the Paralympic Games. "If before the competition already believed that tourism would be the great legacy for the country, now we are convinced that the good results obtained in this period showed to the world the natural beauty and incredible cultural richness that make Brazil an excellent destination. It was also clear that we are increasingly prepared to meet our tourists, pointing to hospitality as the main highlight in the review ".

domestic tourism

Among Brazilian tourists, research shows that 43,2% They went to Rio because of the Paralympics and 22,6% They visited the city for the first time in this period. The survey shows that most were from the Southeast (60,9%), followed by South (16%), Northeast (12%), or Midwest (8,1%) e o North (3%).

The average length of stay of Brazilian tourists in Rio, during Paralimpíada, It was lower than that of foreign – 6,7 nights, with average daily expenditure of R $ 278,08. In the period of the Olympics, Brazilians were longer – 10,3 average nights – and spent more, R $ 337.91 per day. For 99%, the trip met or exceeded expectations and 95,5% They said they intend to return.

The final survey will take into account interviews with tourists who came to Rio city in the period of 8 a 20 of September. Or preliminary, released today, It covers the period 8 a 13 of September. according to Salles, the trend is that the preliminary results are confirmed.

For the partial results of the household survey were interviewed 961 domestic tourists traveling to Rio de Janeiro, 96% the total sample. With regard to foreign tourists, interviews were conducted with 148 visitors, just under half of the total sample, the international airports of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Source: Agency Brazil

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