People with disabilities can seek Defender Specializing in Human Rights to ensure inclusion

The institution has implemented the Ombudsman's Office Specialized dedicated to meeting, among other cases, this portion of society that represents over 20% AM population.
22/09/2016 17h29 - Updated 22/09/2016 17h29
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In debate on Public Policies Inclusive, promoted by the Order of Brazil Sectional Amazon Lawyers (OAB-AM), the public defender Roger Moreira highlighted the role of the Public Defender of Amazonas in ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities (PCDs). The institution has implemented this year the Ombudsman Specializing in the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, dedicated to serving, among other cases, this portion of society that represents over 20% of the Amazon population, according to IBGE data.

Located in street 24 of May, 321, Center, area south of Manaus, with second call to Friday, from 8h to 14h, the Specialized works, among other demands, in cases of injury or threat of injury to the rights of persons with disabilities. According to the Constitution, this population has the right to life, to work, the Liberty, to equality, non-discrimination, to privacy and property. In this context, according to Roger Moreira, the Ombudsman works to ensure inclusion in health and education policies, and respect the rights to preferential treatment, to public transport, to work and security.

"The Public Defender's Office has been working on all these issues of human rights, and this includes the PCDs, gender issues and violence against women and child exploitation, the LGBTs, indigenous issues, and everything else that is being made invisible. The OAB event stresses the need to discuss these issues, and our duty as Ombudsman is to make the promise of access to justice a reality in the lives of all people, the most dignified way possible ", said Roger Moreira.

National Day of Action
The Forum Discussion Public Policy Inclusive, organized by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the OAB-AM, on Wednesday afternoon, day 22 of September, said the National Day of Persons with Disabilities Fight. Or event, held in the mini auditorium of the OAB-AM it was intended to representatives of agencies related service to the disabled, as the Public Defender, Departments of the State of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Seped) and Education (Seduc) and the City.

The Forum brought together, and other guests, the vice president of the OAB-AM, Adriana Mendonça; the chairman of the Person with Disabilities deDefesa Commission of the OAB-AM, Nancy Castro Segadilha; the general corregedora the OAB-AM, Danielle Aufiero; the president of the Amazon Attorney Assistance Fund (CAAM), Denize Aufiero; President of the State Council of People with Disabilities, Ronaldo André, the representative of Seped, Mario Celio and civil and military police

According to the chairman of the organizing committee of the event, Nancy Segadilha, the event aimed to raise awareness and inform the society that all are equal before the law, independent of the limitations of each individual.

“We want to reinforce the importance of society's awareness towards our rights. People with disabilities have the right to leisure, to quality education, accessibility, the insertion in the labor market, which are rights of all. We ask respect and strive increasingly for inclusion and against segregation”, reinforced Segadilha.

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