PF triggers operation which paid purchase luxury goods with health resources deviations

So far the total number of diverted funds is higher than R $ 112 millions.
20/09/2016 10h48 - Updated 20/09/2016 14h36
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The Federal Police (PF) and the Comptroller General (TOS) and the Internal Revenue Service, trigger on Tuesday (20), in Manaus Operation Maus Paths, investigating health misappropriation of resources in the state.

According to the PF Amazon, the Institute New Paths (NC), received R $ 220 million to manage four health units of the State, but the appeal was diverted to the subcontracting companies as Salvare, Total Saúde e Simea. Causing, the money was used to buy luxury cars, mansions, apart planes, jets and helicopters.

The money diverted comes from the Amazonas State Health Fund. Also according to the Federal Police the Institute did not meet regular tender procedures, gaping for indirect hiring of companies that provide health services in the state.

O Institute

The INC is a social non-profit. In the year of 2014, the government of Amazonas has enabled the Institute to administer the Emergency Care Units (Upas) Campo Salesm, in the capital of Amazonas, the Rehabilitation Center for Chemical Dependence (CRDQ) located in the municipality of Rio Preto da Eva, a UPA 24 Hours and Maternity Nurse Celina Ruiz villacrez, Tabatinga.

Also according to the PF, the last two years approximately R $ 220 million of funds that were to public health were transferred to the Institute New Paths.


The Comptroller General conducted an audit and evidence of irregularities were detected in the hiring companies by INC. These companies are: Save, Total Saúde e Simea, they were responsible for the diversion of the money.

Investigations found that these companies operated on the same site of the Institute. The amounts charged were well above those charged on the market.

In one of the shopping, overpricing was 400%. A service that could be purchased in the amount of R $ 318.760,00 It was paid by the INC a total of R $ 1.262.170,35.

So far the total number of diverted funds is higher than R $ 112 millions. This amount is used to display, the purchase of luxury goods, which will be seized during Tuesday.

Total 13 preventive arrest warrants are being met, plus four temporary prisons, three conveyances coercive, 41 search and seizure warrants, 24 locks warrants of individual and corporate accounts, 31 kidnapping warrants of movable and immovable property, all issued by the Federal Court of Amazonas.

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