Score indicates cassation Cunha and risk 'judgment’

The agreement would result in a lighter sentence for the PMDB.
09/09/2016 10h45 - Updated 9/09/2016 10h45
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A survey conducted by Estadão indicates that there is already enough votes to approve the request of deputy cassation away Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) next Monday, 12. The score, However, also it shows that there is space for a "judgment" which can result in lower sentence for the PMDB.

Until the last update to this report, 272 Members had declared they will vote for the wedge term loss. For revocation is approved, the vote of at least need 257 of 513 MEPs.

The State also asked parliamentarians about the possibility of applying a more lenient sentence to the PMDB, similar to what happened to the revoked President Dilma Rousseff in the impeachment process. The answer to this question shows that there is still no absolute majority that refuses to discuss a "political amnesty" Cunha.

altogether, 105 deputies signal be likely to soften the penalty of the House of former President. Between them, 10 They are in favor of a more lenient sentence, 31 They said they were undecided and 64 would not answer. A - Felipe Maia (DEM-RN) - Said to be in favor of impeachment, but vote for a more lenient sentence. Deputy José Mentor (PT-SP) He said he has not discussed the issue. “This matter is sub judice.”

The PT leader in the House, Afonso Florence (BA), He said it will guide the bench to vote against any alternative other than the cassation. "The situation of President Dilma was completely different. The start that did not involve criminal matters ", said PT, in reference to the processes that Cunha answered because of Operation Lava Jato.

This is also the PSDB leader's position, Antonio Imbassahy (BA). "We will not close question, every Member will vote according to their conscience, but I believe everyone will opt for cassation ", said.
Draft resolution. Wedge allies, However, They have warned they will use the internal rules of the House to make the House vote a draft resolution and not the opinion of the Board of Ethics. The move aims to replace the adoption of the opinion by the cassation for a more lenient punitive measure, as the term of suspension for six months.

"The deputy who is not imbued with this need for 'justice may present an amendment to the effect that the penalty is less severe and he (Cunha) continue to be processed by the Supreme Court ", said Carlos Marun (PMDB-MS), who claimed to be against impeachment.

The state survey shows that the stands of parties like PT, PSDB and PSB will vote together by cassation. of 58 parliamentary PT, 54 They declared themselves in favor of disqualification of PMDB. in the PSDB, from 50 parliamentary, 39 They indicated the vote accordingly. No PSB, 24 of 33 Members expressed the cassation.
'Embarrassment'. No PMDB, With the game, the situation is different. In most of the House bench, with 67 MEPs, 20 declared vote in favor of impeachment. Backstage, PMDB report "embarrassment" of having to vote against a fellow. There are still those who will be absent, because they were helped by Cunha with campaign donations or political space in the House.

Other parties called Centrão also do not show massive support against Cunha. This is the case of the PP, that has 47 MPs and only 13 They declared themselves in favor of impeachment, e do PSD, on what 13 of 35 parliamentary advocate impeachment.
This Thursday, 8, the mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), He said he was confident that there will be enough quorum on Monday to vote on the request for cassation Cunha. He assessed that the results of the polls are "very damning". Maia said he did not see reasons for less than 470 Members attend the session. "I guarantee to all Brazilians who have the vote on Monday", said.

The mayor also said he would discount the absence in the salary of Members who miss the vote for election campaign motif. He stressed that no official trips are being released to this date. "Do you think I will do a session this release and deputy travel?"The discount was also defended by the Third Secretary of the Board.

Source: Estadão

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