Plateau fully vetoes readjustment public defenders

According to publication in the Official Gazette, “the project provided much higher percentage to the other adjustments of federal civil servants”.
16/09/2016 11h55 - Updated 16/09/2016 11h58
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The Planalto Palace corrected information disclosed yesterday (15) and he announced that President Michel Temer decided to completely veto the bill which provided for the readjustment of federal public defenders.

A proposal, which determined the values ​​and ensuring scheduling 5% in wages of different categories, It was approved by Congress late last month. In the early evening of Thursday (15), the Secretariat of the Presidency Press reported that the government was partially vetoed the project and guaranteed 7% increase.

At 23.30 yesterday, however, Planalto said the veto was full and that “no agreement” government to “increase in salaries category”. This morning, the veto was published in the Official Gazette together with justifications, among them that the project provides percentages for the coming years “far superior to the other adjustments performed for all the federal civil servants”.

According to message sent to Congress, Temer decided to veto the bill text after hearing the Ministries of Finance and Planning, Development and Management. According to him, the adjustments were in a “level above the projected inflation for the period”. Besides that, He informed the Plateau, the proposal proposed that career have a remunerative link “dissonance in the fiscal adjustment policy that seeks to implement”.

The way it was approved in Congress, the monthly allowance of the head of the Union Public Defender would of R $ 31.090 to R $ 33.763 in four installments. Already the early career employees would receive an adjustment that, in 2018, It means a change of more than 60%, the current R $ 17.330 to R $ 28.947. The difference increases was due to scheduling 5% between the server at the highest level and his class immediately below, which was provided for in Article 2 of the bill.

With full veto, the category will have their salaries readjusted or the difference 5% between the salary ranges for each category. During the debates in the House and Senate on the proposal, a part of parliamentarians had opposed the approval considering the time “inopportune”.

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