Platiny Soares gives its assent to the PL which includes people with disabilities in the AM

The Commission on Human Rights, Citizenship and ALE-AM of Participative Legislation by Mr approved the proposal.
27/09/2016 11h33 - Updated 27/09/2016 11h33
Photo: Fábio Romão/ Assessoria

The law project (PL) 110/2016 including in the case record systems Civil Police, Military and protection agencies and advocacy within the state, the callsign field of crime against persons with disabilities in the occurrence of domestic violence, family or other rights of violence, It received a favorable opinion from the Human Rights Commission, Citizenship and Participative Legislation Amazonas Legislative Assembly, by the rapporteur, Mr Soares Platiny (THE).

According to Soares Platiny, PL is in symmetry with federal law, especially as regards the inclusion of the concept of the person with disabilities discrimination and consequent classification and penalty of this crime, thus helping, significantly to awareness of the occurrence of this crime.

"With the Person Statute of the term with Disabilities, the Brazilian government expressed its commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities and respect for diversity. both, the collection of data on the occurrence of people rights violations with disabilities is fundamental, in order to prevent possible crimes ", Soares said Platiny.

The matter has passed through the sieve of the Constitution Committee, Justice and Writing, where it received a favorable opinion in their constitutional aspects, legal and legal. Now, it returns to management fees, from where it goes to transact in the Social Assistance Commissions, Work and Public Safety.

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