Federal police ask prison Palocci indefinitely

Palocci was arrested Omertà operation on Monday on suspicion of receiving bribes from Odebrecht.
30/09/2016 15h47 - Updated 30/09/2016 15h47
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The Federal Police (PF), Filipe Hile Pace, of Lava Jato task force in Paraná, He asked on Friday (30) the judge Sergio Moro conversion of the temporary arrest of the former minister Antonio Palocci and his right arm Branislav Kontic in preventive – indefinitely. Palocci was arrested Omertà operation on Monday on suspicion of receiving bribes from Odebrecht.

No request 86 pages, the delegate reinforces suspicions that Palocci served as a PT link with Odebrecht, intermediating subjects of interest contractor, and says there is still evidence that Palocci had received any illegal values ​​of the Odebrecht worksheets that refer to “Italiano” and amount to R $ 128 millions.

The delegate also pointed out that the former minister had directed the destruction of evidence in his design consulting firm before Operation Omertà, broke out on Monday and had the former minister targeted.

“such advantages, mostly translated into cash, They were not screened from this research, why there is no different injunction from prison to impede Antonio Palocci Filho and Branislav Kontic – your employee to date – to practice acts that seek to hide and obstruct the discovery about the actual whereabouts and use of received funds in cash”, or delegate says.

Besides that, Philip Pace points out that, in searches carried out in the Project, consulting firm of former minister who was the target of Omertà, PF agents identified suspicion that the former minister and his aide have worked to destroy evidence. “Were found that several workstations in the company (Project) They were fully equipped, except the offices of computers, which may indicate that they have even been destroyed or put out of reach of the Federal Police.”

Regarding the former aide to Palocci, Juscelino Dourado, Philip Pace said he looks “no more relations with Antonio Palocci” and that, therefore, there would be no risk, if he were released and fulfilled alternatives to imprisonment.

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