Military Police promotes operations to ensure security during the week in the country in the AM

The goal is to reduce crime in key areas of Manaus and also in the interior municipalities.
02/09/2016 14h34 - Updated 3/09/2016 13h49
Photo: PM disclosure

In order to combat crime and ensure peace to all citizens amazonenses, the Military Police of Amazonas sets off from this Friday (2/09), various operations to combat crime.

According to the General Commander, Colonel PM Sergio Augusto one of the main factors that arouse the concern of AM-AM is the exposure of the population to the criminal activity of offenders because this period where there are many commemorative festivities of the Independence of Brazil and Amazonas State. "We will guarantee the right to come and go of citizens, preventing and repressing crimes against property and against life, and preserve and maintain public order ", assured Colonel Sergio.

The goal is to reduce according to the PM of the General Command, crime in key areas of Manaus and also in the interior municipalities. "We have to target not only reach the shopping areas, like all other areas of criminal stain, identified through study of the statistical sector and intelligence PM, and to ensure that citizens prestigiem with total tranquility military and civilian parades commemorating the country ", said the General Commander.

Policing involve all operational troops subordinated to the Metropolitan Policing Commands (CPM), Specialized policing (CPE), Environmental policing (CPAmb) e do Interior (CPI), Besides increasing the effective capital of the administrative units, police academy and training center squares. Among other battalions will also be involved the Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (ROCAM), Shock Battalion, Tactical force, Cavalry and MARTE.

Since today (2/09), begins the operation "Victoria Regia" which continues until the day 8 of September. Other operations will also be developed for the School Parade Amazon on Monday (5 of September) and the Amazon Operation XXVI, for the soccer match between Brazil vs Colombia on Tuesday (6). The Military Police also will fully support the escort of the selections and training sites.

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